Five Star Meal

I ajak-ed Mom to have dinner at the Straits Quay (cos sin jamban ho pang sai) but Mom was reluctant about traveling all the way to Penang for dinner when I will be going back there again the next day for my flight back KL so we postponed the sin jamban dinner to the next day.

In the meantime, lucky me as I get more opportunity to have home-cooked food :)

Deep fried prawn fritters, pan-fried tofu, long beans and bean sprouts all combined to make an awesome gado-gado! I love Mom's cooking :)

Especially love the prawn fritters. I was already popping them in before the entire dish was put together hehe.

Hmm. The same could not be applied for this one though. Tua Ee made lotus root soup and she said it's quite kao and told Mom to dilute it a wee bit with water but Mom went and added mushroom-y water which kinda spoiled the soup flavor T-T Sigh.

Much to my ecstasy, a portion of perut ikan was frozen, waiting patiently for me to devour it! Oh yea baby :D Defrost, steaming, and sooooooooo heavenly with plain white rice. Mmmmmmm......

And you know what, it could never taste any better. The flavors are so intense and rich that I eat with a slightly glazed expression hehe.

Bigass steamed fish with mushroom and miscellaneous herbal components. It was so big that the cover of the pot could not close properly and hence we had to microwave this beast for ten more minutes -.-

I've said it once and I will say it again. I'm such not a fish person! Help! Getting sick of meat too (though I still get those awkward cravings every now and then.

And the heng chai leaves that I helped Mom to wash hehe... Simple and delicious way cooking them. Lip smacking.

Okie abrupt end of another torturous post at 9:45pm on a Saturday night.


  1. Eyer @ sin jamban ho pang sai

  2. bwahahahaha! SJ! does ring true!

  3. Aposai... very long didnt use those golden hokkien phrases already ;)


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