U R 'The One'

True story:

As old-time friends of mine got together during the past Chinese New Year, the topic of conversation (without missing a beat) landed on our respective partners. As each of us launched into long-winded tales of our mundane lives, one of us pronounced that she is still together with her long-time beau. Another friend asked, "Do you think that he's the One?". As the friend in question 'erm-ed', I retorted loudly, "There's no such thing as The One!".

Ok end of true story hehe don't blame me for sensationalizing an otherwise plain story.

We humans are so full of ourselves. We each think we are so unique, one-of-a-kind, that every other living beings are inferior to us.

In a sense that may be true, our brains are much more complex and unlike animals, we are able to apply logic and reason our thoughts. But otherwise, we are just about grouped under the same category, as tenants of Earth.

Our strength may lie in our intelligence, but, every other species have their own strength (which is to say, intelligence is not the only strength applicable). Like, say a cheetah's strength lies in its speed, and a camel for its capabilities to retain water and shit like that. When will we homo sapiens finally see past our huge egos that we are created with the purpose just like any other inhabitants of this planet. To survive, and then breed.

Okay, I may be digressing here, but trust me that I am getting to the point!

I have read books, and articles, heard testimonials all claiming they were somewhat guided to find their other halves. Or that they are still waiting for the person who is made for them.

Truth is, I think, and realistically, we are just living mammals, out there to breed. Plain and simple. Not fate, not destiny, not God's will, no crap.

And having said that, I don't believe in someone 'out there' who is 'made for you'. The world population is hitting to a close 7 billion and do we sincerely think that, out of that number, a minuscule 1 out 7,000,000,000,000 is just sitting there waiting to sweep us off our feet? Call me a skeptic but we weren't so choosy back then. Those days, any male who can hunt and bring home a wild boar already surpasses expectations, same goes to a female with a well-endowed busoms, or any sign of fertility is enough to guarantee her hand in marriage.

A relationship starts from an initial attraction (ok this is not counting in the mail order brides or whatever), then the phase evolves through dating, and eventually marriage (if all goes well). We can get along with many people but there are only a handful that we are able to live with, and of course, to be in love with. I am not skeptical about love, I am just skeptical with the simple-minded idea of 'The One'.

Really, we're not all that superior we have made ourselves out to be ;)


  1. People evolve (change) as they grow older, not necessarily wiser. Perspectives change as they (the people) change, opinion and outlook on things start to differ. The crush or 'The One' from high school no longer appeal as they did 10 years ago... that said, I don't think there is one 'The One' for the entire length of your life.

    Nothing is set in stone, unless you want to... but relationship is a two-way street :)

  2. Ah, couldn't have put it better myself ;)


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