A Vanilla-Covered Note

Ah Ma,

How have you been ? Time flies by so incredibly fast. It's been half a year since you left for heaven. I hope you enjoyed the Cheng Beng feast we prepared for you.

We got a few vegetarian dishes for you because that is what you should have within three years of your departure. Ah Kong was luckier, he had sio bak, roasted chicken, fried fish. I was salivating the whole time hehe. Did you enjoy the vanilla ice-cream we got for you also? It was Mum's idea... We all still remember the sweet tooth you always have.

As always your daughters were bickering through the prayers. Ji Yee was nagging Tua Ee for not bringing a spoon over, well, you know the rest. I can imagine you there just shaking your head and completely ignoring them! I prayed for you and almost teared up, because you are the best grandma anyone can ever hope for.

How is Ah Kong? I'll bet you and Ah Kong are having the time of your lives there :) Are you still cooking great food for Ah Kong? I still remember asking pocket money from Ah Kong hehehe. He was always so generous.

How terribly missed you are, Ah Ma. Do take care, and do watch over the rest of us here.

Su Yin
(the chubi granddaughter of yours)


  1. how sweet... but you're no longer as chubi as you were 20 years ago...

  2. eskius me, once a chubi, always a chubi ;)

  3. miss you too ah maaa.... from your prettiest granddaughter :))
    ps: yea ong gu yin not as cute as she used to be 20 yrs ago :))

  4. once a chubi forever a chubi!!


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