Fishy Fishy

Few photos to make up for the lack of anything visually simulating on this blog... I swear I will post something interesting .... in the next couple of weeks ;) ;)

Back for Cheng Meng and attempted one of my all-time favourite dishes.... with the help of Tua Ee of course :D

Hu Pau!!

Pictures look a bit different because I didn't bring my camera back, TY had his cam in the workshop and I ended up with Mum's lol.

What can I say? Highest order of compliment from Sien Ee and Ah Koo. "Tastes the way Ah Ma made it". Fulaooo!!! In truth, I took the recipe from my Nonya book but Tua Ee certainly added a few key ingredients that completely made all the difference.

And the rest of the spread:

That's the stir fried bayam, steamed egg custard, lotus root soup and kailan ;)

Damn this. Stomach rumbling in the middle of the night.


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