Trumpeting Trotters

 Backlogs of photos that have not made their grand entrances in this blog - Guess what's cooking in SP, uh, about a month ago?

Tu kha chor! That's literally vinegared pig trotters :D As gross as it sounds, I assure you, the taste is so heavenly and easy to cook!

Ah well, of course Tua Ee was the master chef and I did the no-brainer assignments like chopping, peeling, swatting off flies......

Tu kha chor has four basic but essential ingredients. Pig's trotters, vinegar, loads and loads of ginger (smashed) and dark soy sauce. I've never really been a big fan of this dish, nor had any of those infamous cravings. But after this round of excellent tu kha chor, I'm a complete convert!

And the other ke-le-feh.... Tua Ee's stir fried cauliflower with beancurd skin and carrots. Yummers!

The end product! Mum wanted to add Chinese groundnuts along in it, which is a great option for the others like me who don't really eat pig's trotters. Psst.... heard that trotters contain large amount of collagen ;) Still, I love the gingery-hot and sourness of the broth!

And also Tua Ee's honey chicken... ahhh.... I love my aunt :D

 This shot makes me homesick! Home-cooked soup and hearty servings of great food... :(

 K, end of this relatively useless post :D


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