Birthday of General Chiang

Get a bucket ready before you go on reading. Required to collect saliva drips.
On the Saturday of the infamous Bersih 2.0 rally, TY was in town. We made our way to PJ where his parents are staying at, and the roads are clear. Drive was breezy and we had dinner at a Chinese restaurant in the hotel called Ee Chinese Cuisine in conjunction with Uncle's birthday :)

Table condiments - boiled groundnuts, pickled papaya, chopped garlic and pickled green chillies. 

 Our first course - roasted crispy duck! Well, Roasted crispy duck skin, more like. When they brought this bird out, I was completely fascinated by the beautiful sheen of the roast. Drool. Then a few of the staff started slicing the duck, but only removing the crispy skin. These are then wrapped along with julienned zucchini and onions in a sort of Chinese-style tortilla lol. No idea what they're called. 

 The taste is absolutely OH-EM-GEE. The sinful layer of duck fat melting in your mouth but not before your teeth sink into the crispy and fragrant duck skin..... sigh....

 Oooohh! Another one of my favourite. Deep fried crispy yam with mixed vegetables. I've always loved this dish at any Chinese restaurant/wedding dinners :D Just something so satisfying about the fried yam.

  At the moment, one of my favourite vegetables has got to be the siew pak choy (uhhh white something something veggie kot). Simple, stir fried.

Roast pork belly. Meat was bit tough and mentally I was imagining the layers of fat I consume to quickly converge and pool in my veins @@
  More meat! Pak zham kai. Uhhh salted boiled chicken or something like that heheehe. At this point I was like, too much meat but otherwise the chicken was very tender. 

My favourite spinach soup with century eggs!  Larrrvee :D Can never get bored of them I think I can eat this every meal, every day and I prolly won't complain ;)
And Aunty's special dessert, walnut cake with brown sugar. It was lovely. Every bite gives a nutty texture and the brown sugar gave just the right amount of sweetness to the cake. Shiokz!

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