A Gastronomic Adventure

If you are susceptible to scavenging hunger while viewing saliva-inducing shots, then you're in big trouble. Don't say I didn't warn ya, leave while you still can! Because I had the same problems while editing the photos and posting this T__T

After my rave reviews on ilLido, I managed to persuade TY to have dinner here on his recent trip. And most fortunately, this time around I had a higher tech black box device to capture still images hehehe. 

We arrived at 8pm and since it was a public holiday, I actually thought the place would be full, but no, only one other table was occupied.

 Service was attentive again, as usual. We were served with the fluffiest  piece of focaccia bread with oil-and-vinegar dip. We started with rose wine, which is something I tried for the first time and I love this golden pink liquid! It's very fruity and light, very pleasant to sip.

Our complimentary amuse bouche of tuna with caviar sitting on a thinly sliced zucchini. Barely a mouthful but flavours already packed a punch. Both of us were already tingling with gastronomic excitement!

Just savour your eyes on these lovely platter of appetizers! If the presentations were of any indication on the delicious factor, then this is just enough to tell me that I will be in good hands.... 

Left: Fegato d’Oca e Galantina d’Anitra - Pan Fried Goose Liver with Duck Terrine and Wild Berries - 59. Duck terrine weren't exactly my thing, but I think TY likes 'em. Oooooh the goose liver! Where do I even start! Just pure fat (and here I am consoling myself that it is not the politically incorrect foie gras) and it literally melts in your mouth, it's sinfully blissful.... It's the type of food where you close your eyes as you let your tongue absorb in all the flavours and moan in satisfaction. Score!

Right: Pan Roasted Scallops with Cannelini Beans, Carrot Jus and Bottarga  - 52. Cannelini beans for me, no matter how fancy the name may sound, tastes just like baked beans! :S But that wasn't an issue as the thick, fat scallops distracts you with its freshness ... sigh. But I still find the combination of pan roasted scallops with puréed carrot a little unsettling. Ah well.

I love dining here. The intervals between each course is comfortably long and you get to lapse into long-winded conversations at your own pace. LOL.

Anyways TY was taking shots with his bulky DSLR and this nosy patron on a neighbouring table prodded us about it. He apparently thought that we're working for a magazine or something lol.

My initial visit to ilLido, I ordered a non-Italian main course, the duck confit (because it was on the lunch set menu lol). So this time I was determined to try the pastas, which they are known for.

Left: ‘Carnaroli’ Risotto with Crayfish 59. Ehhhhh.... Crayfish was so-so but I liked how the risotto turned out. TY reckons it's a bit too salty to his liking though.

Right: Fettuccine with Roast Veal and Porcini Mushrooms 55. Generous portions of mushroom and fettucine cooked al dente! Veal was tender but I find the whole dish somewhat overwhelming, in a jelak kinda way. TY liked the fettucine over the risotto though lol.

Ahhh... desserts!

Molten Lava Chocolate Cake with Vanilla Ice-cream 32. Mother of all desserts! Thick, hot gooey chocolate mess flowing out of the cake. One big mouthful of the cake drenched in the chocolate sauce, along with a dollop of contrasting cold vanilla ice-cream is a surefire way to send you through the tunnel of paradise... I really should stop trying to describe this heavenly dessert T_T

 The molten lava cake is going to be a tough act to follow. TY's Crème Brule Symphony with Vanilla, Strawberry, Coffee and Pistachio 29 . As expected, it was bah after the molten lava :p But over the four flavours, I liked the vanilla one best.

 Don't even ask how much the whole meal costs. It was a record high for the both of us lol. We told ourselves it was a once-in-a-while sort to console ourselves kekeke. Oh, they have another branch in Singapore too! And I'll bet the one in Singapore is absolutely NOT pork free. Ok set :D

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