The Accidental Pork

Another food post coming up... So TY was in town for a few days and one of the places that I wanted to bring him for makan is the legendary-overflowing-with-awesomeness-original-mother-of-all-bak-kut-teh place in Klang. I made preparations for what I expect to be a gorging session by chopping 5 bulbs of garlic (cos Teck Teh does not provide garlic/chilli). Took me an hour to finish chopping and marinated my hands with the foulness of garlic! At midnight!

It is therefore most unfortunate that we were half an hour too late, the place was already out of BKT by 11:30am. Crap!  And I was hoping beyond hope that I will get to savour the delicious broth just one more time before I start off in the neighbouring country :( Anyhoo, Lye Siong, being the Klang-ian suggested another BKT place.

 On the verge of throwing a tantrum for not being able to feast on my favourite BKT, I grudgily stepped out of the car and took a good look at this so-called BKT place. Seems a little run-down and old-fashioned. Now that's a good sign!

 The rice served in Seng Huat BKT. Has fried onions mixed into them. Rice was a li'l wet to my liking though the fried onions certainly adds character.

 The shop is located by the KTM Komuter railway tracks. In the span of almost one-and-half-hour we were there, we only saw a couple of trains passing by. And that sums up how screwed up the Komuter is. Ah well, that issue is for another ranting day.

 Pictures obviously looted from TY's cam again. Loved the quality this baby gives!

 Okies. Verdict: I still preferred Teck Teh over Seng Huat. The broth here not as 'kau' as the one in Tech Teh. But Seng Huat is really generous with the meat portions... BUT, TT's meat is so tender they literally fall off the bones... On the plus side though, Seng Huat provides 'lor nui' (braised herbal egg), yiu char kuey, chilis, stir-fried vegetables and a multitude of other dishes that Teck Teh does not. But in a way, I suppose that is TT's charm, of providing only the very original serving of BKT.

 The garlic, and not the BKT is the main character in this post, ok? :D

The very farnee side profile :D

 We were glued to the seats until all the other chairs and tables were already kept LOL. And the workers were already cleaning the pork for their next business hours hehehe. I'll bet that if we were observant enough, we would be able to spot the taukeh throwing us dirty looks kekekeke.

 Regardless of how good or bad the food may be, you can always count on the lifeguards to polish everything clean. Bill came to about RM 13 per pax, which is really not bad considering the amount of dishes we ordered!

Okie dokies. Will come up with more food posts soon :D


  1. Because she chopped the garlic that's why it's the main character...
    how come din show the ew char koay? I miss steamy BKT broth mixed with rice with porktestines and chopped garlic with kecap manis ;)

  2. Kakakakka of cos!

    ohhh yu char kuey was pretty the norm so I suppose we didnt thought of taking any more if it than necessary kekekke. You still have those BKT instant broth?


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