The first weekend of 2012, and the so-called first meeting among us housemates kakaka (which turns out to be temporary only). All of us were quick to decide on burgers and The Handburger it is!

Sterile workstation, open and simple dining area. Lunch crowd wasn't bad though it's already 1pm. But the place plays this loud music coming out from really bad speakers that it's really just noise. Housemate 1 complained and the staff immediately turned the music off lol.

 There's a whole wide range of burgers available here, some so outrageously huge, well, you see get the picture.

How true is this? hmm....

 I ordered the Original handburger (150g of 100% NZ grass-fed prime beef,  sweet onion jam, cheddar cheese, handmade barbeque sauce on a bed of coral lettuce and tomato on a toasted caramelised onion bun, damn that sounds so good right now), as that looks safest and I didn't want something overly huge that can strain my belly. Each order comes with a side as well, fries, mushroom soup or a bowl of salad. All for $13.80.

I was still guilty over the recent indulgence over Xmas and New Year so I was really cautious about what I ordered , hence the original burger and yes, a bowl of salad -.- But the salad is also as sinful! Comes with a hard-boiled egg, croutons and fried bacon! Lol. There's no escaping the guilt now.

 The brothers order the mega burger, The Works ($17.80) (grilled 150g of prime bla bla bla, topped with battered onion rings, crispy bacon, sunny side up egg, sautéed basil pesto mushroom, sweet onion jam, cheddar cheese, handmade barbeque and aioli sauce on a bed coral lettuce and tomato on toasted caramelised bun). It's tall and it's huge. But I doubt anyone can ever open their mouth that big to get a bite outta that thing! Even my own humble one also I had to eat in installments.

The burgers come in a cute tray that has little compartments for knives and forks kekeke... Anyway I think the burgers are slightly overpriced la.... I find their burgers not really memorable.

Short term housemates, swell people! Funny thing is that these brothers kinda mirror us sisters.... lol.

Check out their website here - http://www.thehandburger.com/ , the have these food displays that look like origami art, it's really cute!

Chinese New Year coming up, can't wait to eat all my favourite things in the world!

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