Eat, Drink, Gamble Dragon I

I felt I kept using the same opening sentence to start a blog (omg, so long never blog oredy!!) -.- but honestly, there are so many things I want to blog about, just didn't have the time! :(

I think I'll just do a short one - preview of the CNY (while we're on that topic, I think I gained massive pounds - but it's all well worth it!).

Ee Poh and Wee Ee were staying at our place, so we had the luxury of Mum making breakfast - one of my faves the mikupau dipped in egg and pan fried! (sorry don't know of a shorter name lol)

 It's been such a long, looong, looooooong time since I last had this. Probably over a year? Must have been more than that. 

 The frequent beggar at the table. I missed Pickle so much! And the way she jumps and dances around just proves that she feels the same way too! :D

 Like a Pickle advertisement.

 The best part about coming home - the vast amount of food weighing down the table. Awesome!

 I love the New Year dishes - jiu hu char, tu tor th'ng - just these two dishes it's enough to make me happy even for a few meals in a row, I'd feel blessed. Of course not to forget the all-important cili padi hor.... Here we have the lor bak, Tua Ee's special sio bak fried with dried chilis, sar bi hu and a few vegetarian dishes which I'm not really into... cos got jiu hu char and tu tor th'ng!!!!

 SIGH!!!! I wish I could freeze pack these and buy tons of lettuce and sambal belacan and just pop a sizeable amount at any time, any day I want to have these!! GRRRRRRR Eaten with plain white rice BEST!

OK one last shot of what the aunties call 'anak Melayu' dengan anak anjing. Need to get to bed, will try to blog as soon as I can!

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