Eat, Drink, Gamble Dragon III

First day CNY! Every single first day of the CNY I get awakened rudely by the loud beating of the lion dance troupe drums... lol. Dashed through shower, changed and all, Mum made tomyam beehoon :D

The old gang already up and halfway through breakfast when I got ready. Cis.

 Simple and yummy! Though Mum said didn't put in chili sauce or whatever lah, still tastes great.

 All those assorted kitchen-y items ... well, much better than the previous table heheheh. There's a corner in the shelf with all Pickles' things also kekeke.

 I sweat, Su En has like the strongest camera sensor ever! Each and every single time I discreetly pick up the camera like she has an internal sensor then she starts posing! Cis. annoying.

 Here onwards, you are henceforth taken unwillingly through a quick tour through the house...

 The same deco every CNY hehehe. Okla gotta give Mum credit (though I'm not positively sure if she's the one who actually made those angpow fishes or she somehowly made a young kiddo make for her)

 Look at the size of the long fireworks! Deafeningly loud, and an accident waiting to happen, lol.

 I really liked this shot, all these lau langs (Su En included), lagi want to stay in the house, lagi kepo want to see what's going on then all senget to one corner kakakkaka.

 Su En torturing Pickes.

 The piano that I utilized for a grand total of half a year maybe? 

The others went to Baling while I stayed back on in SP to help Dad out with some chores.... and they returned with fresh young coconuts! Poor Dad, being the singular male around the house, even he's all dressed up, he has to get down and dirty.

 Respect for Dad... kampung boy at heart kekekek. Single-handedly chopped all six coconuts (no easy task). Coconut flesh was very good, young and tender!

 Gave Pickles a treat. First day CNY mah, she's quite traumatized by the fireworks (scaredy cat). It was enough to keep her occupied for a good hour (which easily beats that handphone toy I gave Isabel, that lasted for a lame 10 minutes).

 Malay laksa on 2nd day of CNY! All subcon one lah.... no more self production d ... Still, tastes good, but I must say that assam laksa still wins hands down ;) Everything else is a poor imitation of the real thing...

 The big CNY dinner! The number this year doubled from last year! Hmm.... well actually last year's CNY eve reunion dinner was a sad affair, only one table lol.

 Papa looking great in his new shirt I got for him ;) Nice eh?

 A huge group photo finally... Missing Su Jen and Sien cc. Decent picture for a lifetime of memories. 

 The old people lou sang... lol.... The young people side lou until 50% ingredients are all over the table. 

And the female grandchildren!

Okla, that pretty much wraps up the biggest family event of the year... Angpow accumulation this year has dwindled too... lol... according to the lau langs, already started work, no need to give so much ang pow. hmmpff.


  1. I like the lau langs in the house senget sebelah kakakaka tak mo keluar tapi still kepo

    Aposai Picke terbalik itu macam?

    1. Kakakaka yah all decline to same side.

      Pickle dok main with her chewy, then got macam macam pattern will come out lah, this is just one of them...


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