Eat, Drink, Gamble Dragon II

Took a few days off work so I got a total of 9 days off from work for Chinese New Year. But after deducting the number of hours traveling and early return to Singapore, I'm actually in SP for only about 6 days! But then again, it's never enough days to spend in SP...

Pickles is hogging a lot of space in my blog now. At least she's cute :D Tham ciak face before I chop off her fan-like fur covering her eyes. When I reached, it was already the night before the Reunion dinner.

Had to post this up again, my favourite soup! Le tu tor th'ng! The tu tor is best taken with chopped chilis and dipped in soy sauce OMG! Next morning, got up early for breakfast, took some shots of little eggplants that Dad planted in front of the house!

Mum complained that Dad didn't want to do proper gardening like dirt beds (or whatever you call it)... lol. Ah well, like they say, anything goes! I think they're getting warmed up to the whole idea of planting their own veg now, which is great! Well, great until a random dog/bird chews up a portion of it..........

A few snaps later then it's off to Tua Ee's place to prepare for the night's feast!

Ee Poh, the expert cook has got tons of recipes up her sleeves. She made this stuffed mushroom from scratch and it tastes really great on steamboat! But a bit mafan la... need to steam some more... Mum only helped to poke the carrot bits on the stuffed mushrooms hehehe...

 Cheap labours! I was wearing batik 'muas' because for some unknown reason, Tua Ee's place is infested with mosquitoes!! And those damn insects just wouldn't leave me alone (some say B+ is like a mozzie magnet). It was a lot comfier than wearing shorts, really, but air flow not so good lah ;)

It's a small dinner so there wasn't much to do except to wash this and chop that... Reunion dinner shots :D

That huge fan behind Dad is like an industry-level fan that again, with reasons that none of us could comprehend, someone bought it to be used in a family house -.- Granted, this thing could blow a 3kg baby some 10 meters away LOL. So we had to chuck it way out in front - some 6-7 metres away from the dining table hehehhe.

Nom nom nom.........

Family photo! Dad looks like a Jap uncle hehehehhe.

Females outnumbering male like 10:1 LOL!!! Yum sengz session over steamboat.

Everyone boh eng at the back eating their way to a brand new lunar year but Pickles' nowhere to be found?

 At her usual hiding spot from the fireworks lol...


  1. why last pic pickles like got triple chin wan?

  2. oooh I like that papa and mom are planting their own vegetables. It's called raised bed so you don't need to use cangkui and dig. Should board up the raised bed with planks to make it nicer.

    1. Yah, I think they started out for fun but might turn to become a hobby. They've seen Ah Kou from Kulim planting passion fruits I think they like the idea too kakakak. But there's the danger of them being stolen since the garden is out on the field in front of the house, pretty accessible to all.


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