Le Honour List

So it's almost been 5 years I've been blogging! What started as a ranting ground for me to whine is now my pride - like a huge piece of scrapbook that I've painstakingly pieced together, year after year.

So without shame, I decided to write and honour my reader(s) LOL! (let me float on my own cloud can or not?)

But frankly, I don't have a lot of readers, but I don't care. I don't publicize my blog, choosing to only let a select few aware of its existence. It's a little like a platform I can share my thoughts and views, what's up and happening. Then a few years (sometimes just months) later, look back at these with fondness ;)

I do have a couple of really loyal readers though ;) So here's a little surprise.... a visual award for them!! (like cheapskate nia kekekeke)

First runner up!!

Someone I've known for as long as I've lived - Fought like boys, bonded by blood... Su Jen!!! Kakakakka

('Winners' chosen based on participation LOLOL - this is kind of fun)

Kakak, proud or not???? 

Nah, your visual award .....

 The best nasi lemak I've had in Singapore!!! Wrapped in banana leaf, with sambal, ikan bilis and fried egg - it's the closest nasi lemak to home. Can almost tear up eating this! Good thing though it's just nearby my office :D

(Sorry ah Su Jen, motivate you to use the nasi lemak paste la noh).

And now, the WINNER!!

(drumroll please)

Is no other than Teen Yuen!! Yeay!

The only person who constantly bugs me to blog more often (yea you other suckers out there never encourage oso. screw u :x)

And your visual prize is.....

The omfgawesome Nasi Goreng Kampung @ Spize Tiong Bahru!! Can you believe that I actually have craving for this just soon after finishing the last of its rice! It's the usual nasi goreng with fried anchovies and some vegs with crispy keropok and fried egg sides. But it's the awesome sambal that makes all the difference... Only slightly spicy and sour ... mmm mmm!!

Don't hate me ah..... I'm hating myself coz now feel hungry again.... Contemplating to tapao 2 packets terus tomorrow... keep in fridge and reheat for later ;)

Kekekek ok end of this extremely mou liu post :D


  1. Kakaka now I have to fight like man to survive at work

    Thankfully the ikan bilis mom passed hit the spot (soooo satisfying;) I also made some vege curries with the spices that you bought for me (yea still have lots hehe) and two fried eggs to eat with... not similar but close enough hahaha at least with whatever that I have on hand

    1. Best noh.... I think if you can find belacan or similar, there's so many things you can cook (opens many doors) kakakakk

  2. what else u need? maybe next time I go US can bring....but at the rate ur mum is passing me stuffs, i'll be checking in a luggage instead of a bag :P


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