As Good As Home!

First, it was CK who posted a delicious-looking bowl of laksa on whatsapp. Captioned: Very good! -.- But since he's from up north, I have little doubt that he means business when he said the Penang food he's trying tastes pretty authentic.

So,  before dinner, all of us went for a swim at the Ang Mo Kio swimming complex and I actually swam 1.5k! Longest distance I've swam in a very, very long time... Some more we did it non-stop eh ;) I've still got it ! *deluded*

The place is aptly called 'Authentic Penang'. Just to name a few items they serve here, hokkien mee, char koay teow, lor bak, LAKSA, lor mee. And most importantly, they are reasonably priced! $3.50 for a bowl of laksa or a plate of CKT, I'd say that's value for money. But then again I suppose the location lowers the price as well, It's way off the MRT radius of hiked up prices.

The place is also not ridiculously crowded or a long queue - none of those. We got seats with no problems. Only about 4-5 tables were occupied.

One of the shop's popular drinks - Sea coconut lime juice! Refreshing and sweet. $1.50 I think.

Then our food arrivesssssssss!!!!!!!!! Each of us ordered something different so we can test this and that, but I'm just craving and salivating at the laksa OMG!!!

Verdict: YES the laksa is damn nice pretty authentic if I may say so!! Has pretty much all the essential ingredients, way better than the one in Novena! Slurp to the very last drop :D

Hokkien mee broth is pretty good as well, a pass more like. Laksa still the winner!

Lor mee : My judgement is most likely biased as I am not a fan of lor mee, if I had a choice, it would be the last thing I would order. The gravy is really thick and starchy. So-so.

Char koay teow is awesome too! As good as it gets, only no hum (cockles) nia. It was so good that I decided to tapau 2 packets back! (for SE and myself, I'm just a swell sis). But not recommended to tapao lah... Cos after refrigerating overnight and dumped into the microwave for a few minutes, it's far cry from the delicious, greasy-off-the-wok served in front of you steaming sort of yummy!

The owner (or at least I think he's one of the owners) is very friendly and kept coming to our tables to ask if everything's alright. I jokingly asked him if he's planning to come out with member cards hehehehhe. I inquired if the chef is at least a Penangite and surprise, surprise, he's not! Apparently, these people had to sort of 'buy' the recipe from a well-known hawker in Penang. A whopping $10,000 for the secret! Walao!

I'm really pleased with this find. At least there's a decent place to feed those cravings although the shop is pretty far from the MRT - close to 15 minutes walk I think. Still!! ;)

Authentic Penang
Blk 338 #01-1677
Off Ang Mo Kio Swimming Complex


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