I've got tons of pictures from TY's recent trip to Singapore. But it's a weekday, there's not enough time to blog a proper post, so I'll just post a few shots from a not-so-short trip to the tattoo parlour...

Artsy-fartsy shots

Dials on a Sanitizer

Book of anatomy. 

 The tattooist's 'cubicle'. Much more interesting, at least.

 Ink & Blood

That's pretty much all I have... loads of food ventures coming up, soon I hope!


  1. Replies
    1. lol...then no time... this weekend shud be able to post more

  2. What's with the sudden obsession with tattoos pulak...

  3. Kakakak... it's not a sudden obsession... just a sudden discovery of a tattoo place that's ok and we have an idea on what to ink


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