Was in the mood to make something simple and yet nutritious on a weekend and minestrone comes to mind. Googled the recipe, thought to myself that I will leave out the extravagant ingredients (vegetable stock/ red wine/ cannellini beans).

Bought small portions of carrots, leeks, celery, tomatoes... They look like small but you will be surprised at how much they seem to multiply once chopped into tiny pieces -.-

 Chopping time ~ 30mins? Though someone else can probably finish in 15m.

 It's so simple you can do it with your eyes closed! And minestrone is basically very flexible. You just have to be sure that the essential ingredients are there to actually qualify your soup as minestrone!

 Heat olive oil in pan and fry chopped garlic and onions until fragrant. Then add in all the cut vegetables. Cook for 3-5 minutes before adding in tomato purée, water, macaroni and oregano herbs. Just let it simmer till macaroni is cooked and carrots are soft! Season to taste with salt and pepper.

Serve with a sprinkle of grated parmesan cheese and toast. Cukup d! :D


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