Inked | 300

YEAY! Another benchmark to this not-so-humble blog, marking the 300th post. I'm not entirely sure what I'd blogged about to reach this number, but I'm pretty confident that 60% are made up of food posts.

Another wave of reflection shall come into play!

Reached my 200th post back in 2010 and the tune is more melancholic... not surprising since that year was a really bad time for me. Rewind a year back where the 102nd post was written and there was the blur me (cos I overshot and only realized by the 102nd post). Apart from the blur-ness, the conditions were very much in contrast to the 2010 200th post: there was a breath of exhilaration, humour... also no surprises there, I was in the midst of the adventure of my lifetime!

And finally.... Yes you read that right I got inked again :D:D. You know what they say about getting tattoos and getting hooked on it right? I can vouch for that.

 Another type of plant - makes it looks like I'm a sort of naturalist ;) LOL Well, not really but I just liked the thought of carrying a bit of luck with me all the time. My previous tattoo - which is at least 10 times bigger than the one here, did not bleed - not a single drop. But this time around has blood popping out macam cendawan lepas hujan kekeke.

 Bloodified piece of tissue!

Sha, my tatt artist asked whether tattoos are okay in the office and I told him that I can just use a watch to cover up! lol... but seriously I think it's alright as long as you don't choose really exposed areas like your forehead (if you do that, you're just plain dumb and nobody would hire you anyway).

Close up - I really liked it a lot! Love the colours... But coloured tatts are much more painful compared to the monochromatic one... Because there's shading and colour on colour... ouch :( Although it's only been 3-4 weeks since the first tattoo, the pain still surprises me.

Wonder what the parent's reactions will be like ... :D


  1. better make sure ur kolig dun notice....asian people are still not receptive of tattooss

    1. Very mafan.... had to wear long sleeves and it was burning hot when we went out for lunch.... dont care d!


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