Dean & DeLuca Coffee

In an effort to rid of all negative vibes in this blog, I shall write about meaningless mediocre happenings :P
I'm always game for a good cuppa; I love coffee! No longer out of necessity though (well, applicable sometimes only -.-)

A good friend recommended Dean & Deluca, a sort of atas gourmet cafe, where all day breakfast and desserts are served. So a couple of friends decided to grab a bite before heading for a movie (I think it was Brave, that Pixar cartoon. The short story La Luna was awesome).

Nobody greets you at the entrance, you just pick your seat and park your butt yourself, then shuffle over to the counter to order and pay for your food.

 Coffee ranges from $4-8 I think. I ordered a flat white myself. And they only serve them in take-away cups. Why??? That's a lot of waste going on there....

 Their bread and pastries are pretty good! We ordered this cinnamon almond bread thingie with caramel on top which is quite good. Well, I have a sweet tooth... so....

 Apple pie! Goodness! I've never been one to fancy apple pie but this is an exception.

I'm a hugeee fan of carrot cakes! Even now every time we pop into a cafe, bunch of friends will ask if I want carrot cake lol -.- D&D carrot cakes are average only, not that great, but at a whopping $7. But I guess that's the kind of price you pay dining at places like these. Just a thin slice nia, not really worth the value lah.

K that's all, Dean & Deluca quite shiok, if got nothing better to do, can go there drink kopi n eat cakes. 

Sudden end of post :D

Dean & Deluca
#04-23/24 Orchard Central
181 Orchard Road, 

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