I've attended my first lap dance class (-.-) lol. There's always something new to learn every day.... Regardless of its nature. Plus it's a really fun class with a charismatic, and really funny instructor. Might even consider pole dancing after this, who knows ;) ;) . My future husband is a very lucky guy indeed.

The last time I'd document a lesson, it was for swimming classes. Well, well.... Things have moved at a faster pace :P Hopefully I can still remember the moves and choreograph.


Song: Right There (Nicole Scherzinger)


Stroke, walk around to back.
Tie, stroke, open legs. Walk back, facing man.
Hip roll half circle, back facing man.
Feet apart, bend forward (hands back down).
Head flip, roll back up.
Bend forward, gyrate (4x lol).
Close feet, turn towards man.
Bend, left knee down, right knee down. V with base at heels.
Chest roll (2x)
Bend back, shin flat, hip circular (4x)
Rise, left feet, right feet, feet opened, squat position (thighs parallel)
Hip roll (pencil drawing circles) (4x)
Head roll.
Feet closed, rise.
Alternate knees switch to front (4x)
Head roll.
Bend forward & amp; rise to top.


I aint never gonna let no girl take him from me  
Never gonna let no girl steal him from me  
Never gonna let no girl get that close now  
I tell'em hey hey you're too close now
Come here baby eh be my baby 
Eh be my baby oh oh oh 
Come here baby put your hands on my body  
Hands on my body oh oh oh  
Right there keep it right there  
I love when you put it right there yeah  
Oh oh oh yeah yeah yeah oh oh oh  
Yeah yeah

 My knees are badly bruised now -.-


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