Home Again


Almost contemplated closing down the blog but realized my 6 years' worth of memories embedded in this platform.... just don't have the heart to do so.......


Back in SP for a few days cos Mum complained the last time I was back, spent less than 24 hours before scooting off again. Mostly pictures of comfort food, familiar people (and dog).

Flourishing new garden in front of house.

Mint leaves, passion fruit plant, serai, and miscellaneous aesthetic plants...

A whole basket full of organic goodies from the garden! That's the huan cu hiok (potato leaves) right on top of the pile.

Mum's parappu. It's a lot like dahl but a healthier version - loads of vegetables included. Love this one. Got the recipe and can't wait to try it out :)

Chai boey.

Pickles looking very sad...... I can't believe she's already 9 years old. That's ancient in human years.... older than Mum and Dad -.-

The stir fried potato leaves from the garden...

And an assortment of other dishes as well... clockwise from 3oc steamed fish Thai style (garnished with mint leaves from the garden), ayam kicap (cheat one buy from mamak), Tua Ee's fried fish and chicken feet combo and the stir fried huan cu hiok.

Si tham ciak still waiting for food even after everyone has finished eating, cleared and washed plates, cows gone home and she's still patiently there.

Poor Pickles looking like the saddest dog in the world after her extreme fur cut (confidence loss).

My absolute favourite sambal petai. Tua Ee's version. I still prefer the Ah Ma version with heh bi though.

Clockwise from 6oc, sambal petai, sambal for the jiu hu char, otak-otak, jiu hu char, herbal soup, stir fried aubergine with chillis.

Another fave - tu tor th'ng.

Another fave - chicken stew. Yummy.

Pickles manja-ing on my side in the car on the way back. Please ignore the chicken with reindeer PJs :\

Last dinner before I leave for Singapore - from bottom see yong chai th'ng, chopped chilis, stir fried cauliflowers and broccoli, and steamed fish again -.-

K, that's all, bai.

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  1. Aposai mau close down? This is the one way for me to get updates from the lau langs at home lerrr

    Pickles look so kesian noh and look really really old.......

    Tapi makanan semua nampak ho chiak as usual :)


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