Chapter 5: No (Wo)Man's Land

Lately, I've been feeling like a nomad, not that it's a bad thing, really. I've always been driven by dynamism, flexibility and anything non-monotamous. I'm just a sucker for anything out of the ordinary. An experience collector, I'd like to call myself (phwarrr like super deep :D).

Anyhoo, it's been a while. I've finally put a halt on the rat race. Going round and round without seeing the end, like a hamster struggling on the wheel. Now I'm on a different sort of rat race. It's hard work but the reward is oh-so-satisfying.

5 weeks work, followed by a 5 weeks off. Now, who wouldn't want that? But I must admit the job is not for the fussy-pots nor the pampered kind. Hard labour is involved, lifting, carrying, sweating and covered in grease with your coveralls on. Complete un-glam is an understatement. But the advantage of being the 'weaker' sex, you usually don't get the chance to do all that hard work (though I find it fun and seriously liked it!)

So..yea... my first maiden voyage towards India. Once I get my pictures sorted out on my camera and phone, (btw am blogging now during my shift kekekeke.. sibeh free hor) I'll blog more about life on a vessel.... It's Day 11 today (almost ending too) and I must say I loved it, though I had to suffer a bout of seasickness, but with a patch, I'm as good as new.

Ending my prelude to Chapter 5 with a beautiful sunset bidding farewell to me ;)

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