Dempsey House

My so-called farewell dinner that turned into pre-wedding celebration for Ck and Pee Yee. lol.

 I was assigned the task to determine the rendezvous cause everyone assumed I was the one most free. In a way quite true la for the time being...

It was quite a pain getting there though. No direct MRTs or bus routes. Though a few buses pass by quite near, but still had to walk for a fair bit before reaching.

 Majestic me on my throne :P (I is looking so very skinny here -.-)

Meat content here looks healthier.

 Menus that look like newspapers.

 Snap snap snap while waiting for the king of non-punctualness. 

Be warned, just lots more shots of meself.

 Quirky ornaments and décor.

We ordered two appetisers to share amongst ourselves -

Baby beetroot salad
Refreshing baby beetroot balanced with Seville orange segments, crumbled feta cheese, pine nuts and drizzled with citrus vinaigrette.

Portion was small and could only 'appetize' one single person. At $16, this is a complete cutthroat. Taste wise also pretty forgettable.

Sweet corn soft shell crab
Crispy soft shell crab served with crispy herb salad, buttery sweet corn purée and Mojo sauce (inspired from the Canary Islands). Topped with curry popcorn.

At $24, it's definitely better than the mediocre baby beetroot salad. But again, portion is really minuscule. Love the crispy soft shell crab though!

 Hv's order of fish and chips. It was surprisingly sooooo gooooood. Omg I can almost taste it thinking about this right now. Soft, soft fish deep fried in batter, yummers.

My order of medium sirloin steak served with a bed of vegetables. I am not impressed at all with their steaks. Although mine was medium, the meat is not tender at all. Maybe the meat isn't that fresh, I have no idea. (psst, the vessel I am in now serves better steak! Juicy and melts in your mouth kind).

BH's snapper something. Didn't try it.

There goes the mediocre steak, hmppf. Bleargh.

Just trying to post something before November ends!

Shall blog about the Chapter 5 of my life. C'est la vie!

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