27 Imaginary Candles

First post of December! Been bumming since I started on my 5 weeks vacation :D I'm so used to remain motionless in the living room or just stuffing myself with food that anything out of this range of activities, everything else seems to be categorized as work :\ 

Mum asked me how I wanted to celebrate my birthday, and we (I think it was more like she planted the idea) decided to drive over to Penang for lunch as a treat.

After a few ideas thrown in on where to have lunch (E&O, the Ship), we decided to settle for Eden, which, back in those days was THE place to makan makan western food. I clearly remember that each time we have a special occasion, a birthday, or scoring a major exam, we'd get rewarded with a meal there.

Unfortunately, I did not feel exactly rewarded for my birthday :( Place was dingy and dark - we had to find seats just next to the dessert display section for the extra lighting, cos it was even hard to read the menu. Speaking of the menu, it probably has not changed since 10 years ago and food was really average.

I was in the mood for fish and chips. Okla, to be fair the fish portion is really huge! I can barely finish it... Dad had the same order as I did, at least he seems to enjoy it :) Mum had this baked fish which I conveniently did not take a photo of.... didn't seem tempting.

We also ordered a mushroom soup that arrived just as soon as we'd placed an order for it.... Incredibly diluted and runny, the soup obviously came from a can... Mum was disappointed with it and complained to the waitress... lol... typical.

Matchy matchy with Mum. When I put the yellow top on, Mum was like, har? wear like that only ah, as if I had thrown on a used rag or something #$(&#($#) lol... it's a comfy top, ok?

My birthday 'cake'. Mum asked if I wanted cakes with candles at the restaurant. I was mortified and firmly said no, no, no cakes nor candles lol. So we settled for banana split with an erected wafer in place of my 27 candles.

Happy birthday I love me :/

K, the following flow of events a bit cheating la cos it's no longer on my actual birthday itself but still, I consider them as a substitute to it :P

Was supposed to catch The Hobbit but somehow timing was off so went for duck rice in Buterworth instead.

Don't you just looooove food that looks like these, greasy and glistening...... Duck was really tender, sio bak skin so crispy nomnomnom. Also had chai boi which isn't in the picture.

After the movie, proceeded to dinner at a steakhouse (The Cruises) on Bishop Street.

Mango salad. Was yummy.

Mushroom soup so thick it puts Eden's to shame - well, which isn't exactly hard to achieve...

My order of honey lamb chops is super. The mint sauce (a must have for every lamb dish lol) is incredibly good paired with the sweet cutlets.

Dining mates.

And other random whatnots....

Finished the night with more dessert - tiramisu and my favourite carrot cake @ China House. Oh wait, that wasn't the end.... we still went for roti canai afterwards hehehe. I love Penang.

27, all the wiser I hope!

Approaching the end of my 5 week holidays. I just hope I have time to blog all of them!


  1. Selamat Belated Hari Jadi. Already 27 noh almost catching up to me hehehe


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