2012 In Review

Another year gone, another year of reflection.

Chronologically -

Got my first tattoo in March and hasn't looked back since. Got a couple more, the pain of needle on skin has not deterred me. There may be more soon to come, we'll see how things goes ;)

Traveled for a bit and my favourite of the year has got to be the family trip to beautiful Bali some time mid-2012. It's been a while since I've traveled with my parents and this has to be the gem of all travels. Of course, thanks to MCC as well for the superb villa stay and for 'most' of the planning :P

Went on three dive trips this year, I am pretty impressed myself. Did Tioman around late July, followed by Perhentian end of August and finally my first ever live-on-board in Anambas Islands. Along the way got to know a group of serious divers in Singapore - great people with such deep passion for diving. This can only mean one thing - never short of diving trips!

Picked up lap dancing (gasp!) and loved it to bits. I was considering to go for pole dancing classes but unfortunately, the schedule couldn't fit into mine, so fingers crossed, I will have a go at it next year (2013). Don't laugh ok.

I think I've been on more food expeditions this year. Singapore is great that way that it offers a wide range of international cuisines hehe. Had a go at preparing and cooking more recipes, more nonya food and so far all turned out pretty damn fine (in my opinion, anyways).

Of course, 2012 hasn't been a bed of roses. This year especially has been the toughest for me, a testing period. Ended a close to 6-year relationship which needless to say hasn't been easy. But it's ok, there's a reason behind everything, I am sure things will look up for me :)

The biggest move ever made this year has got to be the decision to work offshore. I came upon a time in my life where I'm wondering about life's purpose, goals, directions... Well, I've been feeling that way for a while even back when I was in KL but I suppose living in Singapore sort of escalated that sense of purposeless-ness. It's just something about big cities that make you want more money, more clothes, more belongings. In short, a purely materialistic life. You turn into this working machine that is detached and void of all humanity or feelings. It doesn't help either that everyone else around you scrambles past you in the rat race, making you feel like you should really, really speed up or get left behind. It's a vicious cycle.

I'm just glad that I'm sitting by the stands now and watching the race comfortably with my feet propped up... Okla, honestly, it's not that comfortable during my 5 weeks stint working, but I honestly cannot complain. There are pros and cons in every job and for me, this is the mould that I am most comfortable with.

I must say that I feel blessed for the great support from my family - Mum who's always tottering around in the kitchen and trying to fatten me up after seeing me lost so much weight when I came back :) Dad too :) I am so lucky to have great friends who make me laugh and smile so much more, putting me up at their places without expecting anything in return. My four-leaf clover seems to be working for me :D


I don't usually make resolutions, but I think I'll make an exception this time around...

1. Desperately need to own my first property. And it's not even about making an investment or all that crap. I just need to own a place that I can call my own, have all the things I own in one place. I want to say MY HOUSE! Starting to feel sien living like a nomad, renting a place in Singapore, having some stuff back home in SP...  I WILL OWN MY FIRST HOME!! THIS YEAR!

2. Travel! Well, this is more of a passion than a resolution haha. I want to cover as many places as I can, taste as many different food as I possibly could and experience and bask in as many different cultures as I can.

3. Health & well-being. Slacking on this bit now that I'm working in a ship. But still trying to insert any sort of workout if I can even on holidays. Think I'm doing pretty good so far... just that I indulge myself way too often ;) And of course, try being happy a default mode :)

That should do... just a few ones to remain focused.


New Year's Eve! Is an impromptu affair. I'd just only got back from a 2-week break in SP, followed by a week in KL and a night in Johor for a friend's wedding (loooooong blog post coming up next).

 Steamboat @ Lance's place.

 Tomyum paste, corn, scallops, chicken balls, chillis, tomatoes, 4 different types of mushrooms, huge tiger prawns, and all sorts of miscellaneous steamboat must-haves. Haven't had steamboat for the longest time. Looks like this will have to replace the steamboat I will be missing coming Chinese New Year :(

 Spent the rest of the night gambling - this certainly feels more like a Chinese New Year than a typical New Year haha. You'll see!

 Lou sang! (So CNY #1)

 Can't see anything under the enormous heaping of salmon!

 And..... counting down in front of the TV lol. Last year's NYE I clearly remember spending it with Suewern and Chia Chia at the Esplanade. We were literally squashed like sardines in a can, and that wasn't the worst - finding our way back was a right pain in the ass! Massive crowd jamming up the MRTs, we couldn't even get into the MRT station, let alone the MRTs!

 Champagne.... and an indulgent dessert prepared by Gino. Chocolate molten lava cake.... so heavenly paired with vanilla ice-cream.

Oh yessss.... it is orgasmic!

So shall the year 2013 !


  1. New year, new beginning. Change is always good -- especially now that this new job offers more pros than cons ;) Seems like you enjoy the challenge too and can handle it. Best is the 5 weeks cuti + cuti on the water within the work itself hehehe

    Are you planning to buy in Penang?

  2. Yea, at the moment I think Penang will suit me most. I don't really like KL and Singapore is too expensive for me to afford, which just leaves Penang in my radar.


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