A Typical Ride to Work

Quiet moment at work.... equals to me blogging about crap that I think matters  :D Just transferred more photos and decided to upload them as well.

The small airport in Port Blair. Still, cannot beat the size of the mini airport in Williston, North Dakota (scroll down and you'll spot it, lol). Digressing, I hate the fact that the people here do not respect each other's personal space! When you queue in a line, the one at the back will just move in closer than necessary till you feel the jab of her handbag, or their breath on your neck. Sigh...... they're probably used to the overcrowding....

A typical ride to work takes about 2 days lol. In this Indian route, I had to leave my place in Singapore 2 days before the crew change. Even then, I'm considered lucky. Some of the guys have 3 days of travel and when they finally do arrive, they look fit to kill hahahaha.

Chopper that is already waiting for us. All we need to do is strut with as much gaya as possible and whip our hair back if desired. lol.

Boarding time a bit juak la, due to the warmer season in India and there's no AC as well! No air-conditioning... until our chopper takes off.... then it ironically feels too cold -.-

You get a nice view for the first 10-15 minutes of the ride then after that your view is 100% obscured by the annoying clouds :P And there's no way to chat either because of the high decibel droning from the engines, you have to wear ear protection. Only hand signals worth putting in the effort to communicate.

I would loooooove to dive in one of these beautiful, pristine islands! My moment will arrive...

Some pics from Mayabunder where we made a short stop to re-fuel. 

Incredibly small town with nothing much to see.... except for a few quaint looking door locks.

Finally made it onboard... Resumed sightings of sunsets.

One of the best places to get the best sunsets... and night star sights....

Ok, time for bed. Good night, world!


  1. Ada gaya hor hahaha how many people can the chopper fit with the luggages also? Luggage got limit hor?

    How long does it take for the chopper to get on vessel? From Port Blair? Din take pics of landing on the vessel chopper pad or even the vessel itself :D

    So total got 7 guys and 2 girls you included? Take pics of night sky tengok. Can see all the stars from your camera ah?

  2. Mesti ada gaya..... Each chopper takes in about 4 people, excluding the two pilots. Each person limited to a total of 15kg of luggage.

    The ride itself is about 1.5 hours, not including about 30minutes of layover for re-fuelling. Total between 2-2.5 hours. Ishq, how to take the pics of it landing on vessel if I'm in the chopper! I did try to take shots of the vessel but because of the angle of us approaching, I can't even take a decent shot of it.

    Around that but each crew change is different. Cannot take pics of night sky, it will come out blurry because the ship is not still/stable enough and lighting is not good....


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