A Stuffed Snake

Ngam ngam just missed Chinese New Year by a few days and only managed to get back on the 5th day of CNY (incidentally also Valentine's Day but it don't matter to me, so not a bother there). It was a passing of baton of sorts, Su En leaving Penang and me arriving. Of course, both of us kept Mum and Dad busy :P

Pretty much everyone else has gone back home/work, only managed to catch up with a few friends.

Glad to see everyone hasn't changed much... I think our little group is a little behind on the reproduction scale, something I am grateful for :P Marriage and children are a surefire way to change you. Talk crap as usual, swapped gossips. 

Another warning before you move scroll down.... more hunger inducing photos. I've been a victim too many times to know how torturous it is...

Nasi lemak!!

But this nasi lemak... lacking in a few essential ingredients. No cucumber slices, no hard boiled egg. :/ sien

Overcast day. I don't know what's up with this year's CNY but unlike the past years, it's been cloudy, raining all day long and strong wind as well. I remember each time CNY approaches, it's swelteringly hot and I'll be all wet and sticky under the paper-like material of new clothes.

Forced Tua Ee to make tu tor th'ng for me. CNY is not complete without this and jiu hu char with lettuce and sambal!

And the coveted laksa.... Has never tasted better.. Prepared with love by Tua Ee of course.... Bliss, bliss bliss! :)

Another one of my loves.... sambal petai. Got to love my aunt - she kept pestering me to tell her what I want to eat. I am truly lucky..... She asked, so I told her sambal petai (and 10 other dishes hehehe) ;) And her yummy homemade lor bak at 6 o'clock. Drool..........

A closer look and more photo credit for one of my favourite dishes please... OMG I AM STARVING AND HOMESICK LOOKING AT THIS!!!!!

Hokkien New Year, more pai pai.

Ang koo kueh. Extremely greasy. No idea why anybody would like them...

Mum's claypot chicken rice. It's really not complicated to make and I love them to bits. Soy sauce, heh bi, dark soy sauce, sesame oil..... 

Poor, poor Pickles, she seems to have aged more since I last saw her. Now all she ever does is sleep, eat, beg for food, sleep, eat and beg for food some more. She seemed to have gained weight as well. Her belly is now all round and jiggles from side to side as she trots over on one of her many begging sessions.

I miss rojak so much! Luck was on my side, Mum+Dad kept a few packets of them and we had rojak couple of nights in a row :D Mum insisted that I don't take a pic of her but when did I ever listen :P On a side note, she had the flu and passed it on to me! :/

Another must-haves when I get back. The old uncle hokkien mee.

Followed by a small post-CNY reunion dinner with whoever else left in SP. That makes 5 of us.

Dinner at Piao Xiang with more of my favourites.... the boneless chicken fillet with Thai chili sauce, deep fried sotong, a plate of veg and yam + pork.

Another definite must have whenever I get back - nasi kandar. My absolute fave ayam kicap and the fish curry soaked bendis. I used to have constant craving for ayam kicap when I worked in KL. Would hunt high and low at all the mamak stores and tapao them back while the rice soaks in the deliciously thick curry gravy nomnomnom Thank goodness not anymore or else I honestly don't know how to satisfy that one onboard. 

Nothing to do, took pics of Dad's quarters collection I collected for him a few year back. Oh... and Dad is on a roll. Taught me mahjong, Russian poker and also golf when I am back. I teased him that he's such a gambler and he says no lah, teach me these stuff so next time people ask then you know how to play mar and won't get cheated. lol. Like no other.

Last few dinners back home, pai kut ong, sar bi hu and a seriously 'zhap' soup concocted by Tua Ee. I requested for ABC soup which supposedly contains onions, carrots and potatoes but she dunno masuk what angin, go and throw in corn, cabbage, and a bunch other vegs lol. To be fair, it was also nice but it's not ABC!

Got forced to drive into Baling to pai pai at a temple there. Dropped in at Jee Ee's place along the way.

Typical hospitality, brought out every single food item out for us...............

A little homemade yeesang. Also my first yeesang of the year! There weren't any salmons though. Ji Ee used julienned apples for a crunchy bite. Very refreshing from the usual deep fried batter that accompanies yee sang.

Sisters :)

That's pretty much my CNY makan diary :( And just too soon it's a couple more days before I head back to work! Fingers crossed, I will be able to celebrate CNY back home next year.


  1. Eh.. I didn't know you have a quarters collection for papa. Let me know which states are missing so I can help to complete :)

  2. Ishq u lupa already ah, remember when I was training in Houston, and you helped me to collect almost 90% of the quarters kakaka

  3. Ar... so long ago lupa doh hehehehe

    When you're back in SP just let me know which states are missing so I can get them and tapao for papa when he's here.

  4. I think he's got all the states except for the special few I think not complete only...


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