Paris: Sacha Finkelsztajn

A very short post to please the V-man, cos he thinks Sacha Finkelsztajn deserves an honorary mention.

Not that I am arguing against that, they were lovely sandwiches.... but Vinnie thinks they are orgasmicly superior sandwiches. But here goes, this won't take more than 5 mins! 

Located in the Jewish community, it's easy to spot the bright yellow bakery.

They serve a wide array of pastry, savoury tarts and of course, sandwiches.

V picked the fillings, salami, pickles, various ham and a secret dressing concoction:

The bagel sandwich that Vinnie so worshipped.

They were delicious, no doubt. But I think I was already fatigued by sandwiches that I can't quite say which is better or worse.

(We were also tempted to go back for another round of bagel sandwiches, but we didn't have enough time nor stomach space...)

Sacha Finkelsztajn
27 Rue des Rosiers
75004 Paris
+33 (0) 142 72 78 91

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