2016: A Year In Review

7 measly posts this year! Well, 8 if you count this one....

And I can't believe that I didn't post a year in review for 2015! I was looking very hard for it, to see if I feel the same way, or if generally things have been rosier this year. But non to be seen! grumble grumble....

Now, let's see... 2016 has largely been devoted to earning an Advanced Diploma in Pastry Arts. I've learnt so much, coming from someone who barely knows the difference between sugar and brown sugar, to baking and decorating a good friend's wedding cake! Not too shabby, I reckon.

Coming back to KL after a few years' hiatus, has been a different experience. I enjoyed this year much better than I did, back then. I got around to cooking more often, at my own place and even started dancing airborne... pole dancing! 

New countries visited this year is at an all-time low, hehe. We did visit Turkey for the first time (highly enjoyable and such a charismatic country!), and then Brunei for V's project.

Those long locks are gone now, too. They look pretty and everything but I hated the fuss of blow-drying after washing them, and the tangles that sneak into your hair! Right on, chop 'em off. Btw, this photo is after a hot air balloon ride over Cappadocia in Turkey.

I've not blogged much on Brunei - I must get on with it - there are a number of favourite restaurant haunts that I would love to share! 

Also been busy creating a new website largely focusing on pastries - will reveal it once it's ready! 

Overall, it's been a great year of learning and discovering my newfound passion in baking. Next year, this spatula-wielding will be put to good use, I promise!

Aaaaaand for New Year's Eve, my parents and I are celebrating with dinner in a Japanese restaurant (Dad insists on treating us), and then probably early bed so I can be up for a morning jog the next day :) now THAT is bliss!

Happy New Year, roll on 2017!

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