Flurys, Kolkata

Along with Peter Cat, Flurys is another heritage culinary institution of Kolkata. 

They have been around since the 20s, so that's got to be saying something. Located smack in Park Street, the tearoom is most notably known for their sweet delectables and breakfast fares. 

We arrived at 11am, on a Sunday morning. Huge mistake. A crowd of people are also waiting to get in. We put down our names, and asked for the waiting time. The host doesn't know. But you have a list, surely you have an estimate, we argued. He shook his head and discussion over. 

Total waiting time was 40 minutes, but was it worth it? 

The interior has an old grandeur to it, projected by large, fussy armchairs, linen tablecloths, and silverwares, complete with chandeliers. Service is slow and apathetic (not uncommon in Kolkata). A section of Flurys is dedicated to their pastries and cakes. I poked my nose in there and see that the selection consists mostly of old-fashioned cakes, such as black forest, with ample cream topping. I could not comment further on their cakes as I did not try them.

I ordered a Croissanwich, with bacon, served with crisps.

Croissant was a disappointment. It tasted stale and flat, instead of flaky and buttery. Bacon was greasy, but good, hehe. Fillings of capsicum and onions were generous. You could adjust your preferred level of spiciness with cut green chillies provided on the side. 

I later asked the waiter if their pastries/croissants are baked fresh daily. He insists they are. I am doubtful but did not probe deeper. 

Vinnie ordered their signature baked beans on toast-

It does not look very pretty... and I can't think of a more unsavoury combination or less worthy dish to order in a restaurant, to be frank. This has got to be an easy, no-brainer dish to whip up?

Taste test - is okay, if you love baked beans and toast.

Eggs benedict - poached eggs are overly done. The yolks are 90% cooked and did not ooze out when cut, in a most anti-climatic fashion.

I tried their Viennese coffee - espresso with a dollop of whipped cream. Coffee is strong and bitter, with a hint of sweetness from the whipped cream. Loved it. 

So was Flurys worth the 40 minutes wait? I think not.

18A Park Street
Opens daily, 7:30am - 10:00pm

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