Nylon Coffee Roasters, Singapore

While I was in Singapore, I'd taken a 2-day barista course with BettrBarista (highly recommended for those interested to elevate their coffee education) and needless to say, I've never been so saturated with caffeine before! We experimented with brewing, cupping espressos, and foaming milk. It's a real mind-opener, to realise the amount of hard work that goes into a good cup of coffee! My respect for baristas have increased since. 

In my steadfast effort to source that good cup of coffee, I was led to Nylon. Both baristas and trainers alike have unanimously agree that Nylon is one of the heavyweight players in the coffee scene.

Cradled in an unassuming corner of a HDB residential flat in Everton Park - a location least expected for a hipster coffee bar to be nestled. 

Drinks menu are streamlined, offering black, white (with milk) or brew coffee. Additional options are hot or iced, and sizes in increments of ounces.  I tried to order my usual Piccolo, only to be asked if I will have the 3 oz white instead.

Nylon is the only coffee bar that does not serve food. For them to survive and achieve such popularity says a lot about their focus on brewing that perfect cup of coffee. Roasting is done in-house - few niche cafes can say the same.

Coffee aficionados of all age and types congregate here. A group of senior citizens chat over coffee (occupying the only chairs in the shop), while others finish their coffee standing.

No fancy latte art (too mainstream). Expectations vs reality? It's legit. The coffee is fantastic. It is heavy on the sour side, slightly bitter, with a hint of sweetness. 

So good, I had to have an iced white as well (thanks to Grace who highly recommended an iced latte!)

4 Everton park
Opens daily, except Tuesday from 9:00am - 5:30pm

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