Nobu, Kuala Lumpur

Overpriced, bad service and mediocre food - those were the reviews by close friends. We have been there a couple of times since, and although we agree that the service is bad, we absolutely enjoyed the food here.

Nobu represents a fusion of South American and Japanese cuisine. Subtle Japanese flavours, combined with strong South American flavours - these are exciting on the palate. 

High praises lavished for Nobu's food, but disappointment is reserved for their service. Or the lack of it. 

Most notable faux pas: 

1. First visit, we were shown to our seats by apathetic staff. We then spent the next 10 minutes waiting for the menu, even flagged the staff several times. The final straw was when one of the wait staff delivered the menu to another guest (who turned up later than us) and then stood chatting with him for a good 5 minutes while we stare at our hands.

2. Second visit was pleasant enough, although we also had to flag the staff several times due to their inattentiveness (to order, to ask for desserts, the list goes on).

3. Most recent visit: My girlfriends and I had come to try their lunch menus. We all opted for a 3-course dish. My main course arrived FIRST. I told the waiter that I haven't had my appetiser and it didn't seem to bother him. He asked if I'd want him to take away the main course. Errr, maybe not. Appetisers have milder flavours, and should be consumed ahead of the main, otherwise the stronger flavours in main courses will overpower the starters.

So I started on my main course, and a couple of bites later, my appetiser shows up. NOW I have a main course sitting cold, while I switched back to the appetiser. No apologies from wait staff were made.

After we were done with the main courses, it took them some 30 minutes before serving our dessert (we had to request for it). It annoyed me that they hurried with our appetisers and main courses, but then decided to delay dessert..... Finally, our request for the bill took 10 minutes (restaurant was almost empty at this point), so there was no excuse for the slow service.

A most Insta-worthy presentation of the Salmon Anticucho. Salmon on rice, served with anticucho sauce (a South American sauce that reminds me of Peri-Peri!), mushrooms and greens. I love this dish! A hearty meal and the anticucho sauce is a delight.

The starter that arrived after the main course. Such a pretty presentation too! Ceviche of cubed tuna, salmon, octopus, sea breem and quinoa. Superbly yummy. Just remember to stir it all up, or you'll have an excess of the sour lime ceviche dressing at the base.

Salmon in (most notably) soy sauce, sesame oil and sesame seeds. Very light and refreshing. 

My friends ordered the chicken with truffle sauce (soooooo yummy), and tenderloin (not bad but portions are quite small) - no photos though!

Ah, desserts. I've tried quite a few of their desserts here in Nobu and they do not disappoint. 

In fact, the desserts have all been phenomenal. My favourite is the chocolate sphere  (this option is not available for lunch set menu, though). Nobu's balance of flavours (salt/sour with sweet is impeccable), texture (crumble, crunchy nuts, ice-cream...) are well put together. 

Clockwise from top: Whiskey cappucino (very small portion), banana fritters with passion fruit (deliciously made) and Sata Andagi (deep fried doughs filled with melted chocolate, served with crunchy nuts and pandan ice-cream). Drool!

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