By far, this has to be the best birthday I have ever had. Caught up with a few of my old friends and even get to go home to enjoy a truly lazy and stomach-satisfying holiday.

A very cute fruit-cake in the shape of a muffin from Sue Wern and Li May. Bless them! Weird hand gestures trying to keep the candle flame from going out.

With christmas-y details.

Well-spun lies that brought this black monkey in front of my doorsteps at 1.15am of my birthday, cakes and flowers. Who else are in the plot? What experiment is he trying to perform? Says that'll be answered next year.

Mouses (of all creatures?) that sit in the bouquet.

Chocolate Brownies from TY.

And then mom bought yet another cake, blueberry.

Li Chin and Yeong Wen treating me at de Sabai.
I am truly blessed :)

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