Kuantan Christmas Edition

Loads of photos, random and not.

Started out from Penang at 1:30am after GM. We both agreed (more like I force TY to agree) that I will drive first, until Sungai Perak, then he can take over from there straight to Kuantan as from Sg Perak onwards the roads are quite windy.

Reached Kuantan around 7am, me driving only to a max of 130, and the other bloody fella up to 150. Some times I got too panicky that I decided to just close my eyes and sleep and just trust that I shall live. If anything were to happen to any of my limbs, then he will be eternally responsible of me.

Had Curry Mee in one of the best curry mee shops in Kuantan, and soon after that got back home, showered and slept all the way through noon.

Got up at 3+, and had bee hoon soup for tea,and steamboat + beehoon soup again for dinner!

It was also the Winter Festival or something like that. Made some really colourful tang yuan. Added colouring and boiled the yuans in water and then as soon as it floats to the surface, remove to soak in cold water.

Colouring for tang yuan

Moi, hard at work!

Syrup made of water, and sugar boiled with ginger. I'm not a fan of tang yuan and normally I don't have them but I made this exception. Had egg tart and teh si (again) later.

Can you see the snowman? Hehehhe

Also went over to Telok Cempedak (beach) for TY's volleyball game with friends. Collected some (tiny) seashells along the way...

Beach volleyball

Tea leaves

Dinner on Christmas Eve!!!!

Out from the oven after 4hrs

Cauliflower in cheese sauce
(cheese sauce: flour and butter-with equal weight-mixed
on hot pan till melts and whisk the whole time, then eventually add in milk slowly,
more milk, more liquidy, less milk, more gravy-y)

My happy meal: roast turkey, garlic bread, cauliflower, coleslaw and mashed taters
Birthday christmas girl
Chocolate moist cake

Aunty and Wei En baked the chocolate moist. Can't remember what the recipe is like exactly but it includes a chocolate powder (250g), sugar 200g, 5 eggs.

Eggs whisked with sugar till fluffy (white) then slowly add in chocolate powder with minimum whisk. Coat cake tin with oil and then bake at 300 degres (?)
Last dinner in Kuantan:
Nasi dagang

And that concludes the extravaganzas of the Christmas edition :)

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