End of Field Work, Return to Civilisation

Wrapping up the last few days of working like a bull at the field! (yea rite). Was partially looking forward to the end of the field work, and at the same time, I know that I will miss the crew, the snow, but not the cold!

I went out troubleshooting again with Chapo and Lindolfo, climbing up and down the hills, carrying cables and steel rod. Oh I was describing what they were doing, not what I did, I merely observed lol. But I enjoyed it, and that day, I think around the final 3rd day of the work there, temperature rose to 0 degrees Celcius. Snow was kinda melting here and there, but good thing was that I need not wear 2 layers of gloves like how I had to when I went out with the shooters earlier.


Due to the snow melting, the geophones were tilting and no longer have proper contact with the ground. Unfortunately for the crew, they had to re-plant the phone! Poor fellas... after so many days of work... seems to have gone to waste just because the weather decided to go up.

I am so going to miss the white pristine snow.. :(

This is the pilot, Glen, he's a smooth rider, I heard from Manuel (one of the crew guys) that the other chopper pilot, Richard would go crazy when he rides the plane, like swing around, suddenly drop a few feet etc, just to make things more exciting. lol.

Those on top are wind-breakers. Because wind is so strong in North Dakota, and trees rarely grow around, these had to be planted to slow the wind down. You can see rows and rows of planted trees in very straight lines.
The next day, my final day with the crew, the temperature was still the same, plus minus zero. Everywhere snow was melting and it was particularly nasty at the staging area... feast your eyes upon the icky grounds...
Pristine white snow no more. Everywhere I walked, my boots were making these satisfyingly squishy sounds and I had to walk like a biawak cos I didn't want to have mud spayed all over my overalls.

This must have been like some kind of a breeding grounds for cows. There are herds of them as you can see. Hmm... I wonder if the milk I bought from the store are actually local...
And presenting.... The portable potties!
All natural, no heater, no flushing system... oh yeah.
You could tell whether the person before you in the loo actually did #1 or #2.

I just didnt take a picture of the week's accumulation of black gold.

Spent the whole day not doing anything much, although I wanted to get out with the shooters but Pablo, the coordinator advised me not to do that because with the snow melting and all, it's going to be real slippery and dangerous.
That being my last day in ND, Chapo invited me over to his room for a round of beer. Had Bud Light, the nation's most popular beer. I downed mine slowly, and had pizza for dinner. Chapo kept on insisting that I should take another bottle, but I made some lame excuse and then slipped off to my room hehehhehe. Told him I had to pack or something like that.
And the day I've been waiting for since Day1 in Watford City: Journey back to Houston! Met up with Craig on Friday 2:30pm. Collected my hotshot :D and got my bags into Craig's hummer. Talked to him for a while and eventually I questioned him on the H2. He says that he got the Hummer at 63Gs, 70Gs including taxes, and an additional 30Gs for the added accesories such as the roof, the slide-down-steps, 37" (!) tracks and rims, so on and so forth.

Oh, Craig made a comment that made me absolutely floating! he said, "You know, Su (everyone calls me Su here, and I did not try to correct them, just to make mine and their lives easier), every one of the students that I've received on the crew, none of them has ever given me any problems. The other Crew Managers, they told me that their students have been absolutely brutal." Woot! *wink*wink*wink*
Made an hour ride towards Williston where I will be spending the night at, because I have an early flight from Williston, at 7 in the morning.
I have no idea why they gave me a two single beds. One bed I sleep in, the other one, I threw my dity clothes on it. The place was sub-standard, it's called Airport International Hotel and it's probably only about 5 minutes drive away from the airport.

So lousy lor! Even the Roosevelt Inn was better. This place doesn't even have fridge nor microwaves.
Slept late that night, couldnt really sleep, I can't tell why, probably I had already taken a 2 hour nap in the evening?
Next day, got up at 6 in the morning (sigh) and had the hotel's shuttle bring us to the airport. I once mentioned that the airport's like about the size of two shop lots?
That's the front of our international airport.

Camera adjusted slightly to the right to capture the rest of the building.

This area taken by my camera covers 60% of the airport (indoor). Sad right!

What's that beside the soda machines? Looks like a closed shop....?

Hell no! That's the counter where our luggages are pushed out for collection! Double sad.......

But thank goodness for me, this dumb airline was behaving well that day. The flight got delayed for probably only 5 minutes or so and we were then making our way to Chadron (1st stop). However, the airplane did not get to land in Chadron due to bad weather so we proceeded to Denver (connecting flight), yay! It was a good thing we didn't stop, otherwise I honestly believe that we may not be able to catch our connecting flight.
There was also another good point that day, I was accompanied by another crew member whose time was up for him to get his 2 weeks off. His name is Manuel and he's like 2 years younger than me. He plans to work on another job before proceeding to further his studies in EE.

Connecting flight in Denver, Colorado. Was rushing towards the designated gate with Manuel (thank god he's with me), we only have like 20mins to reach, plus the bloody airport so damn huge. Had to take a train to the next terminal summor! But I still had time to take the pic of this man... hahhaha. I told Manuel I had to take this shot cos this will probably be the last time I am coming to this place and he just laughed.
All was well and I reached IAH airport in Houston on time! Hailed for the CGGV cab and got to the Garden Inn Hotel at 3pm. Rested a while (well, not really rested) then headed for the gym to burn layers of unwanted fat. I am so motivated now for a nicer figure! lol.
The rest of the Georisers were back too, swapped stories and making lame jokes whole night long. We had dinner at the hotel itself (cos we found out we can charge it to CGGV) and I ordered salmon with rice and seasoned vegs.
Then of course, how can we meet up and not have beer?
The beer damn cheap! I got this 16oz beer can for slightly more than a dollar! It was actually a dollar I think, but sales tax were added.

Uriel (Mexican fella) said Miller is one of the good beers. Well, it was not bad, seems typical to me. Lucasz on the other hand, wanted to be adventurous and bought 8 packs of this tomato beer thing. And my gosh, they do taste weird! It's not like Bloody Mary or something, it's just plain weird. It has both the flavours of tomato juice and beer. Lol. All of us didn't like it but Lucasz kept on insisting it's good cos he secretly wants our help to finish the other 7 packs he had bought. Ha!

L-R: Uriel, Irvin who both battled Canada, JB who thoroughly enjoyed his tropical holiday in Thailand, Shangar who had grown a caveman moustache and beard in his Alaskan icy stay.

L-R (top): Kasia who also battled Canada, Jocelyn who was sea sick most of the time (so she claims) but still very much had a cruise holiday and Lucasz, bottom, Magda who both survived Canada.

The tough Canadian men... lol.
I wonder if it's possible for our instructors to fail us in Georise? I wouldn't mind having to retake this course ;)

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