Lets Go Rockets!


Woot...! Gonna have to really compress more than a week's worth of activities, drinking, celebrations into 1 post. I'll try my best :D

I committed a sin... Went to a Thai buffet! Personally, I do not like buffets cos for 1 thing, you tend to feel like you need to justify the amount you have paid and so you attach the food and stuff your face thinking every single grain of rice has already been charged to your shallow pockets.

Paid $10 each and attacked the buffet -_-

The food would probably be labelled as sub-standard in my home country lol. And it wasn't even authentic Thai cuisine. There are even dim sum, sushi, satay on the buffet line -_-

I only managed like, 2 rounds? I seriously need to lose weight so I am watching carefully what goes into my stomach.

And the tom yam isn't good at all! Not really spicy, not sour, dunno what taste lai. Even the curry seems to be lacking in spices and tastes kind of bland. The Masala Wok that I tried of Indian cuisine is 200% better than this lousy buffet. It's just good enough to cheat unsuspecting ang mohs I humbly think.

The place serves coconut ice-cream as dessert and deep fried banana fritters. Blah.

After dinner, all of us (which is the Westheimer car consisting of me, Shangar, Uriel and Irwin) zoomed off to the Briar Forest apartment, coz it's Lukasz's birthday! (I just found out that his name is not pronounced as Lucas, but Wukasz).

Some of the girls got him a bubble blow soap thing (whatever it is called). It's really cute, but they got him like a gallon worth of bubble soap! It'll take him an eternity's worth of air to blow them all away...

We didn't do anything much, just hanged around, talking, making fun of each other, planning activities for the rest of our stay (sort of, and some are too outrageous to be taken seriously).

Malaysian buddy Shifa.

Junk food.... The Americans, for sure, can't live without 'em.

And ta-dah! birthday-cake-out-of-nowhere moment.

Happy 25, Wukasz :)

That pink bottle = Bubble blow soap thing.

My camera seriously sux to the max! Thinking of getting a new one... Should I? Should I not?

Alvin attempts:

My first Budweiser beer I think. Been having BudLight most of the time. I don't think there's much diference between those two. But who am I to comment so much... not a beer drinker/expert cos I don't possess the beer belly which is a requirement.

Our (not-so-macho) guys acting macho.

I suppose some of the 'macho' guys got bored and decided to entertain themselves by playing some macho men games.

Rules of the game:
Have an empty beer bottle parked in front of your spread legs and the bottle cap upturned on the top.
With another cap, attempt to hit your opponent's cap off the bottle.

Of course they ended up hitting more of their opponents than their bottle caps. Punishment if your bottle cap gets hit off, drink some more.

We then got back around after 12 I think. The weather was so bad, it has been raining day and night, cold, chilly and gloomy.

But a bright warm light within the bad weather! Shopping! Well only a few hours la, before our basketball game :D

Got into the other Westheimer car, with Hannah, Magda and Kasia. I wanted to shop for work clothes more than anything since I only had like 2 pairs of jeans. But suddenly I found us in front of DSW shoes! It's a huge outlet store for shoes obviously... disappointed, I followed them in, thinking I'll probably get a pair of sandals or something. I wasn't very keen because in the first week that we were in Houston I already got myself 2 pairs of shoes, flats and a white high-heeled pumps.

Anyway I ended up with a pair of black pumps by Liz Claiborne -_-. $30 or something.

We left earlier than the other groups, thought that we might get more shopping done somewhere else. But as they were poring over the map, all of us decided that there might not be enough time for that as we need to be at the Toyota Center or the basketball stadium if that's what you call it by 6:30pm.

Last skali, we agreed to drive downtown and probably find somewhere to eat along the way.


It's a fast food joint that Jo from the Mandaree crew recommended to me. His eyes was practically shining when he mentioned the burgers here. Apparently there are only about 3 stores in Houston, and his fave is the double Whata.

Nothing to shout about, but it was good nevertheless.

All of us acting like gluttons.

It's pretty funny because the burgers are so huge and we all look so small next to it.

Kasia had a junior burger though, so it doesn't look that big lol.

After our erm, tea (? early dinner?), we drove downtown and parked our car at a basement parking somewhere close to the Toyota Center, about 5 minutes walk away. It was still really early, around 5pm so we dropped by a bar, to have coffee lol.

It's a really nice place, love the ambience, decor. Also, in the brochures that we received from the waitress apparently artistes like Katy Perry and Estelle perform here! How cool is that!

15 minutes till half past six, we walked over to the basketball stadium...Met up with the others, got our tickets from Francois and here we go!

The teams warming up, the game is only to start at 7:30. My first ever NBA game :D

Crappy camera, or crappy photographer? We are seated at the very last 2 rows lol! But it wasn't that bad, we could still be able to tell whether it was Yao Ming playing (ok, maybe that doesn't really count cos he is so huge).

Spend the remaining free time wandering around the huge stadium. There are numerous shops and stalls lined up along the circumference of the stadium. I started hunting for souvenirs and gifts but quickly realised they are too expensive to get for everyone back home :p

Can you make an obvious guess of where Yao is?

Got myself a Rockets jersey! I do not have a preference actually, but I decided to choose the Rockets because, well, I will have my arse in this nice city until I get back to Msia, so why not?

Jerseys costs $30 each (trying very hard not to convert every single expenditures to RM). Also got another jersey for TY. They are really nice, got holes for air circulation lol, made by Adidas. Wanted to get a cap too but didn't like most of the designs.

Jocelyn however, got herself a cap.

Zoomed and blurred picture of hardcore Rockets fans. They had on these funky outfits, some of them wearing masks and swords like a Jedi.

The game starting, with a choir group singing some nice song.

Cheerleader shots lol.

I didn't take much pictures, but I did take a truckload of videos though, I think that's the best form of image to capture lol. What can I say? The atmosphere in the stadium was electrifying. The crowd acted like one huge entity together. Sighing loudy when the players missed, cheered as they scored.

The music there was good too, I could dance and watch the game whole night long :) One really fnuny bit was that the images, songs or whatever are totally biased! When the Rockets scored, there are huge images and animations of them scoring and a loud voice booming 'THREEEEE POINTEERRRRR!!' Then you see a slow motion clip of the player scoring the points. But! When the Spurs scored, only a small voice kinda brushing off the announcement, '3 pointer.' Lol. idiots.

There were a lot of breaks in between and half-times. Moments like these, the players will rest for a bit and then the entertainment bit of the game comes in. The mascot will make a fool of himself there, but there was once particular moment that shocked me! The mascot came running around with a huge plate of pie in one hand, then another guy will run in front, leading the mascot to Spurs fan. Then the mascot will make an aim and splatter the fan with the pie!! I thought it was just a stint, but it might not be so.... lol... 3 Spurs fans to be exact were the victims. One of them tried to provoke the mascot but he ended up having his shirt ripped off naked and pie thrown to his face. tsk tsk.

I want to do this again!!

Update: Credits to Alvin for this photo :)

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