Gunung Datuk, Seremban

Suparbly bizee these few weeks. Had to go into the office too during one of the weekends. A loadful of work that needs to be delivered before my Mount Kinabalu hike. The only good thing from all this is that I am working extra hard to deliver results because I am motivated for Mount K. Down side: heavy eye bags and this pimple on my chin! Blardy fool.

But I have so many things to blog!

I used to think that Apek San is the same as Gunung Datuk but I was completely wrong. Gunung Datuk is in Seremban, about 45 minutes drive from KL. Justin from the gym texted me that he would be arriving some time between 5:45am to 6am on Sunday. He arrived at 6am and in the car were Mel and Samantha. Both girls are great and friendly. Macham old-time hikers. Bit intimidated loh. We then drove and gathered at this mamak stall in Sungai Besi, along with 20 or so more people? Lol... Last count of hikers on this trip was 32 or something.... But we weren't the biggest group on the mountain :p

Directions are not very tough. I think. Take the left turn immediately after the Seremban toll and then I don't know how to get there. Justin was the one with the GPS, can even lead you right to the front of the entrance!

By the time we were at the foot of the hill, it was already 8:30am I think. Uncle Tung and Justin briefed us a little bit on the hike; should take us around 2 hours to reach the summit and Uncle Tung also said that if we're up for it, we can go all the way up, down to the foot, then hike up a third again to test our fitness. -_-

Then got warming up summor lol.


Expect lots of greeneries :D

I believe it rained the night before, the trail is a little bit muddy and rocks were slippery too. The hike up is definitely challenging. Without doubt, it's tougher than Apek San with steeping ground up to 70 degrees. Don't believe me? Check this out.

Some more ah, this is taken with my camera slightly tilted upwards leh.

But somehow the hike feels very, 'real' to me, there isn't a definite path you can use. Instead, you make your own. I mean, not the extreme type that you take a parang and chop your way through the undergrowth la, but in the sense that rocks and jutting roots make up the trail, so you will be climbing and maneuvering your way up. One of the hikers said that it's pretty similar to what we would face in Mount K.

Huffing and puffing our way up.... This ain't no walk in the park, that's for sure.... But around an hour 15 minutes or so, we see a huge checkpoint!

Well, guess what? we're almost at the top! There is a small area for campers to set up their tents, about 10 minutes from the summit. Looks like very fun lah, cooking in small little pots over portable stoves. Looks cute lah but I can't imagine having not to bathe for more than a day... especially after you're all stinked up after the hike.

But the worst is not really over yet.....

If you have weak knees, especially after a hard workout, then look out! These ladders to great view might take you down :p

I think even if you're really afraid of heights, you've already gone this far, and you just don't get the same kick of the lousy view underneath everyone else's asses.

The view!

(Dunno how to stitch. Use imagination somewhat. )

It's a bit misty on top. By the way, did I mention that we made it in about an hour and a half? Yay! I think I can still go on if it's any higher lol lansi. On a good day, you're supposed to be able to see the whole of Negeri Sembilan. On better days, you could probably view the Straits of Malacca.

Coco, the Thai expat :p

Obligatory photo of myself perched on the summit.

Looks like veli de peaceful and natureful and beautiful right? Cos we took from the ugly side....


Lol. Truckload of hikers.

If you think this is a lot, wait till the time we were ready to start our way down.... bumped into students from the Bukit Jalil National Sports School. 2 buses full.

After a quick snack, power bar, thirst quenchers and feeling like the small place at the summit is getting a bit too congested, Coco, Janrat, Shazhiri and I decide to head down.

Few more quick snaps after the mist has shifted. (got a bit warmer then too)

Justin and Sani.

We took our own sweet time going down. There was no need to rush as the majority of our hiking group is still baking under the sun at the top.

Overall I think we took about an hour and a half down. Towards the final third of the hike, it gets increasingly hard for us to make our way down because of the steepness. I had to squat low and support my weight with my hands before I could make a step forward.

Huge tree... takes about 10-12 adults with their hands linked together to encircle this giant.

Spot the waterfall! Lol. This is at the foot of the hill oredi lar.

I was soooo tired by the time we're safely at the foot of the hill. Went to a toilet nearby (thank goodness for the toilets), changed into a pair of clean shirt and downed a can of ice cold 100 plus. Finally got my driver (Justin) to pick us all back around 1pm... got back to a nasi kandar place called NZ, had chicken tandoori naan, by the time I reached home was already close to 5-6pm. Was completely bombed. Showered and scrubbed (thank goodness for loofahs ;) ).

Very proud of my performance in Datuk :D. Next will be Gunung Nuang... that's tomorrow at the time of this entry is posted. If I don't update means I didn't survive it Touchwood!!!

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