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Second makan trip down to Malacca. Read the first one here. This time with old school mates.... way back since primary. I was really proud of some of them, seeing that most of the trips that we plan usually go down the drain, even if it's somewhere near like Genting or whatever. Although we didn't get full attendance this trip, but at least it was still successful.

There were only Grace and I coming from KL. Mei Ying had to cancel at the very last minute because she wasn't feeling very well (which is definitely excusable) and we will be meeting Eve-Lyn and Yee Ling in Malacca.

Grace reached my place chun chun 9am! Wah super proud rofl... some more I was the one dilly-dallying because I assumed that she will moh here and there :p

Didn't took us very long to reach the Simpang Ampat toll, maybe an hour and a half or so ? But after the toll there is still the very long road with too many traffic lights going into Malacca town. Finally reached Alex's place (Eve's beau) 11am + I think, barged into his house and used his house loo hahahha. Finally all set for our first destination: Jonker Street!

Actually this one haven't reach Jonker St yet... I think we were waiting for Alex or something then we didn't waste time, terus pose d lol.

We first plan to have chicken rice balls, at Chong Wah restaurant. But since it was already close to noon, I expect the queue to the restaurant to be stretching beyond the horizons, but to my pleasant surprise, there were only a couple of people outside. So we dengan rileks-ly parked our car, sorted out the stuff we want to bring out, paid for the parking and walked leisurely pasar malam style to the restaurant and dammit! Macam one bus just dumped a load of students in front of Chong Wah T-T

Wait a while lor. 5 tables like that.

Anyway it's not boring because my friends love to pose.

After 10-15 minutes wait, I managed a clear shot of the shop's front.

Bcos all those pesky schoolchildren got their seats already mah.

Chili dip with a hint of garlic is yummerz.

Every single trip to Malacca seems to be made up of incredibly warm and humid days... what else to quench the thirst and chill other than an ice cold glass of lime juice ?

I didn't take a close up of the chicken cos it doesn't look very appetizing lol. But to tell you the truth, the chicken will be all the reason I am back here. The rice balls ain't very special la, just rice cooked in chicken rice and compressed into a tight, golf ball-sized balls. But the chicken, huar.... so tender and juicy.... and oily and greasy, dipped in the garlic chili sauce is parfecto!

After the very satisfying lunch: agenda 2; explore the streets.

Pose everywhere. This one still ok. I took a picture of just Grace and Eve-Lyn because they both wanted a shot with the sign. Then they pandai pandai pose in front of the sign and block the whole thing rofl.


Didn't get anything there lar... cos almost going to be declared a bankrupt and also didn't really see anything that catches my eyes.

Yee Ling also called saying that she's on the way to Malacca from Johor and she should reach within an hour. But we wanted to go for cendol dee!! Yee Ling insisted that we wait for her.

So we waited.... Jalan some more. Gave her an extra 15 minutes.... then when we cannot tahan already, we found ourselves just outside the cendol shop d :p

I've never tried the cendol in this shop before... previously it was on Jonker Street called Shop 88 or something like that, which I found to be extremely sweet, the gula melaka being a tad overbearing.

Ordered a bowl for each of us while I snapped.

And it's here!

Come closer...

Got cendol, red bean, sago, coconut milk and gula melaka for a savory dessert.

Quaint little shop

Walked to the 'famous' Malacca river which is completely stinky. Got windmill summor, don pray pray. Around this time, it started to drizzle. That's a first! Lol... thank goodness we had umbrellas with us because it was such a warm day and going out with the other vainpots, we need umbrellas to shield ourselves from those pesky UV rays.

Grace and I see Eve and Alex so schweet, we also wanna be scchwebt too.

Then to Shan Shu Gong for some Malaccan delicacies. There is another shop called Tan Kim Hock too, which Soon Jiun brought us the last time I was in Malacca, but this time around I wanted to get from SSG because once a Malaccan colleague bought me a biscuit from there and the packaging is just too cute!

Yea I want to buy delicacies from SSG because they have prettier packaging. Choi ah?

Plenty of cute figurines around the shop.

Ended buying black sesame biscuits and the kok-kok sugar candy. But didn't take pictures of them too bad la.

Almost too soon, it's time for tea. Nadeje for the awesome mille crepe. At this point Yee Ling called saying that she's almost there lol. She actually missed a turning into Alor Gajah and she had to make another turn or somewhat. Poor girl but she's cool la, still ngeh ngeh want to meet us up even after all that driving.

My ginger lemon drink to keep em wind away :p

Nadeje makes really good Japanese mille crepe. They produce a limited number of mille crepe a day to protect the quality. Each layer of crepe is separated by another with a generous amount of cream cheese. Sinfully tasty.

Since we still have a few locations to check into, we decided to only order 2 mille crepes and a cheese cake to be shared between 7 of us (now including Shawn, a friend of Alex).


Choc cheese.

And I realized that I forgot to upload the cheese cake but could not be bothered lah, tastes and looks like any other cheese cake :p

Finally Yee Ling makes it!

We almost only barely got to finish all three cakes. Without much ado (yea right, after all those photos taken) we got our asses to this place that sells pork satay. Which Eve-Lyn calls Pork Babi lol.

It's my first visit here.

which is situated opposite

Hmm.... not sure how I can describe pork satay. I think this is a first too. Well, it tastes good la, including the peanut satay dip. lol. Getting lazy to describe every sensor detection.

All of us had about 4-5 sticks per person. Which is just enough to have a taste (not very large servings anyway) without filling our stomach because there are more places to go go go!

See hum!
aka cockles.

This place has been featured in a 'jalan jalan cari makan' tv show called Ho Chak. Of all places I think people (especially like Papa hehe) would balk at the thought of eating.... right beside a gutter! Some have claimed that the hygiene is totally debatable, and others claiming that they have stomach aches after eating here. I've been here twice, but my stomach seem to have no complains so far lol.

I guess the reason people come back here is not entirely because of the cockles la, it's the really good dip that goes perfectly with the cockles. And it has a certain charm too, sitting on small little wooden stools by the gutter, watching the old uncle and aunties busying themselves with our food.

This is what I'm talking about.

Prawn paste with chili sauce, sprinkle of chopped peanuts and a squeeze of a lime. Best.

It was a syok moment loh. Was drizzling a little and we sat hunched over our cockles, picking out shell after shell, our fingers bloody from the half cooked cockles. We had the food coming, tauhu bakar, jiu hu eng chai .... bottomless pits we are.

And the last food checkpoint: satay celup. The first time was at this place called Capitol which gets crazily full as early as 6pm. This time around, I find myself in Ban Lee Siang at Jln Ong Kim Wee.

Also a bit full already but at least we got ourselves a table after 10 minutes of waiting. If you see my first post on Malacca on Capitol, I think we waited for over an hour and a half to freaking get a table.

I must admit that Capitol seems a bit more exciting, there are more varieties and the satay gravy is richer.

But Ban Lee Siang is not bad also la, I think at the end of the day also they're both pretty much the same, dipping processed food on a stick into boiling peanut sauce so I rather not wait too long for a dinner.

This 2 siao pos waving their fishballs around... Yee Ling macam got high from uric acid or something lol.... after them cockles.

Then we had a super VVIP at our table! Jocelyn Hoh! She used to be my classmate back in primary but moved to Ibrahim when we went on to secondary. Used to be a pengawas too but I think she didn't change that much :p can still recognize her hehehhe. And she's pretty darn funny! Hahahhaha... That's her friend Edna from Sabah, both are pharmacists.

Thank god. That ends this very long entry my fingers and shoulders are getting very tired now. Took me almost 4 hours to finish this. I think next time I just post up pictures enough la.

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