Cweet Krunch

And I shall immensely despise whomsoever has a tendency to be a know-it-all, bossy and a big snob. Well, any other quality that makes me roll my eyes big time.

Or one that has a childish need over an equally childish Facebook game.

An immensely free Saturday morning. Toasted wholemeal bread with butter; sandwiched a cheddar cheese slice between two of the toasted bread; poured honey over and a generous amount of chopped almonds sprinkled.

Also boiled a couple of eggs, only to realize that they don't really go well with toasted bread and honey :(

But! Success story for my yummy toasted bread anyways.



  1. lama already I didn't have the half boiled egg but the toast looks pretty good har maybe even better with chopped roasted peanuts :D

  2. Ohhh selap I love toast and half-boiled eggs.

    I curi'ed the idea from TY's mom. She made once pancakes with honey and sesame seeds ;) Try it and you'll love it.

  3. why stuffs my mum made for u i neva had before?

  4. Coz u anak derhaka and never go home, tat's why loh.

  5. then u ma kuai kuai go back more often then can eat d loh.


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