More Pots and Pans

I was doing my usual Cinderella chores around the house when suddenly PCC announced to the room at large that since I was so hardworking, she is going to make soup for me tomorrow. I turned to her, not believing my ears. But she meant business, even proudly declaring that she'd bought ingredients and even Alaskan pollocks lol!!

I told her, sure or not, last skali end up me being the one cooking instead of her and she laughed, saying that it may end up that way -____-

Behold! An unknown spirit that has possessed my notoriously sluggish cousin!

 Unbelievable! Tastes good leh hahahahhha. Got Thai chili sauce to dip as well omgwhoisthispersonnotmycousin!

Spinach soup with anchovies

Whoever it is, she's an impostor!


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