Pots and Pans

I'm such a procrastinator and a lazy bum these days. I thought I'd kicked the habit of taking evening naps now that I've been working for the past close to three years. Apparently not.

Digressing, I remember how hard it was for me during the first few weeks of working full time at an engineering department. Even as a primary school-goer, I used to take 1-2 hour naps after school. This trend continued even when I was in uni lol. I would sneak back to my rented apartment after class then snooze for a bit. Thank goodness I had my trusty scooter at that time to keep my nap tradition going hehe. 

So yea..... took  a nap that lasted for almost two hours.... Crazy right.... I know it's not good to take such a long nap (well in this case it's not quite a nap anymore, is it?) but once the afternoon drowsiness kicks in.... it's so hard to fight back -__-

Uhhhh, on a bid to sweep that bad note under the carpet, I cooked!

Last trip to Singapore, PCC pestered me to bring back a few cartons (in her words, as many as possible) of these ready-to-use chicken broth. She went on to gush about how good they were for making syabu-syabu (steamboat) during her last stay at MCC's place.

And thus my fate of lugging around a baggage of 15kg from Changi Airport to KL was sealed -__-. Okla, to be fair, I had my bag checked in but still! I had to drag, carry, push my luggage anyways when I used the public transport back to PCC's place okay!

 What so special about these things har? Other than not being available in Msia, these had better taste good!  So when PCC got wind I haven't got plans for one of the weekend, she invited me to Jusco to get ingredients for soup. After checking out what's available, we decided to make ABC soup (ok when I say 'we', I actually mean 'me').

And so I slaved in the kitchen hehe.... No lah, I don't mind cooking. I find it therapeutic chopping and cutting vegetables up, while imagining they belong to limbs of people I despise..... (ok I should probably stop here).

Ta-dah! The chicken broth certainly helped to bring out the flavours of the ABC soup more. Cooked a huge pot that lasted us for two days hehehe. Super love :D

Late this afternoon, after my long nap, I was feeling really hungry. So I decided to whip up my express angel hair pasta with Chinese sausages and cabbage hehehe. When I took out the cabbage, I saw a streak of purple. Thinking that it might be a shredded piece from the cabbage's close relative, I started peeling off the outer leaf. To my absolute horror, that shredded purple cabbage piece (or so I thought) wiggled!!

That darn worm was pretty long, almost two inches. I turned on the tap water and hope beyond hope the water pressure is enough to push that thing off! Thinking the worst is over, I saw another one wiggling out of sight into the folds of the cabbage. Darn it, I thought. I'm really squeamish when it comes to these things. Can't help it! My body goes into a goosebumps-ish mode whenever I see worms, maggots, roaches... sigh.

Then afterwards spotted another baby worm after the two adult ones -____- . Makes you think like what the heck this family of worm doing in my cabbage.... Living happily with ample food and air-conditioning (coz in fridge) some more! Die you worms!

Okla, end of this pointless post :D


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