So Cheap!

If there's one thing I enjoy about living in Singapore, it's gotta be the really affordable groceries.

See, every time I go grocery shopping in KL, the bill comes up to RM100+, easily. So far I haven't reached that record (thank god) here.

So there was one day when Su En and I went grocery shopping and we bought so many things, but!!! What's even more shocking was the bill!

I'll put the items into figures and you'll see what I mean... I'm going to put in an estimate of what I can get for the similar items in KL ;)

#01  Frozen fish fillets x 2             SGD  6.60         MYR 10.00
#02  4.4kg Dynamo detergent      SGD  9.85         MYR 22.00
#03  1.2L Body shampoo            SGD  2.95         MYR   7.50      
#04  Broccoli                              SGD  1.62         MYR   3.50
#05  Onions                                SGD  1.25         MYR   2.00
#06  Red chili padi                      SGD  0.80         MYR   1.20
#07  Spinach                               SGD  1.35         MYR   2.20
#08  Minced pork                       SGD  2.58         MYR   6.60 (pork is like super expo in Msia)
#09  Post Almond cereal             SGD  5.90         MYR  14.50 (my favourite cereal! Now so affordable!)
#10  Pancake mix                       SGD   4.55        MYR  8.90
#11  Vermicelli                           SGD   0.95        MYR  2.00
#12  Farmhouse milk                  SGD   2.65        MYR  8.50 (Farmhouse is like milk with gold bits in Msia)
#13  Blueberries                         SGD   5.90        MYR 15.00 (Yea you see that right!)
#14  Grapefruits                         SGD   1.25        MYR  2.00 (I dunno how much so I cincaily put one low price).
#15  Eggs                                  SGD   1.95         MYR  5.50
#16  Maggi mee Kari Letup       SGD   2.00         MYR  3.50
#17  Dole bananas                     SGD   1.41         MYR  4.50

Some more after that got added discounts from Fairprice cos got promotion..... you ready for the nett total??

Damage in MYR = 119.40 (See see, over RM100 d)

Damage in SGD = 49.80 !! (including GST!)

It's almost like a direct exchange rate. How come!! My favourite has to be the ultra cheap blueberries! It's like the good ol' Houston days when I would load on the blackberries (they are like USD2 for a small box) and pile them on with ice-cream. Bliss!!

Now I use them for smoothies ;)


  1. lol.... then ma fast fast loh..

  2. prices almost comparable here if bought bulk at warehouse prices....

    Apo @ #16 Maggi mee Kari Letup? Makan first then letup?

  3. You mean after conversion? Some things are surprisingly cheap! But some things that I used to take for granted are quite pricey, like bolster, pillow, water jug -.-


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