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Back when I was working in KL, one of my frequent haunts is the Ayam Penyet franchise. It's at the KLCC food court and is easily accessible. What I love about it is its crispy fried chicken, and ultra hot sambal!!! I'm such a sucker when it comes to anything spicy yum yumz. BUT!! The Ayam Penyet franchise is not available in Singapore (well, at least I haven't seen it yet) so I felt like I am deprived of yet another one of my favourite food.....

Then after ADEX - a dive expo, which btw burnt a huge hole in me pockets :S - CKheng whatsapp the few of us and said he's heading for ayam penyet in Orchard, anyone care to join? My ears pricked (or rather my eyes I suppose in this case) and I was all raring to go, having heard of a good ayam penyet place in Lucky Plaza.

There are apparently a number of ayam penyet restaurants in the Lucky Plaza building itself, but the one we're going to, is on the 4th floor. CKheng was already there, eating with his hands!! I rarely see Chinese (Malaysian/Singaporean) eating with their bare hands, and I always appreciate one who does. Because frankly, that's the best way to enjoy Malay/Indian/Nonya meals!! Oh yes indeed-o.

We ordered the ayam penyet (duh) and the restaurant is so pa pai that no one will come and take orders from you, you have to fill up the little form yourself, go to the counter and pay for your meals even before you've actually seen it, all DIY-based.

A relatively short wait later, our order arrived. Excited like mad! After half a year I've been on an ayam penyet fast leh.... Let's see... the essentials of a wholesome ayam penyet dish!

Deep fried succulent chicken thigh/wings (for maximum fat content; chicken breast does not quite cut it) smashed till tender, served with tempe (soybean cake), fried tofu, sliced raw cucumber and cabbage, blanched kangkung and a chockful of fried batter crisps!!

The best part is the spiced batter crisps! These are heavenly when mixed with steamed rice... crunchy nom nom nom... no wait, the best part is the accompanying sambal... which is fiery HOT!

Of course, I asked for extra sambal and the waitress had the cheek to tell me to get it myself! Si gi na.... curse u work at Ayam Penyet Ria for the rest of your sad life and grow extremely obese from too much ayam penyet. But it's worth to lift your butt off the chair and walk to the counter for the extra sambal. I wiped the sambal clean yummers. The others said it's really spicy but I have high tolerance for spice.. so, all gobbled in.

That's not all, the tempe - which is fermented soy beans (and some claim to have medicinal properties to kill cancerous cells lol, not sure on its credibility though) is deliciously crumbly, a far cry from the one I had in KL, which has a pathetic powdery texture. 

On the same note, I told of this new fabulous find of mine to an Indonesian colleague and he agrees that the Ria serves a killer ayam penyet. He also noted that the ingredients are from Indonesia and that the tempe is richer in texture because it is made in a traditional manner, as opposed to factory made... He further added that the tempe is probably more delicious because extra flavour is added.... when prompted, he replied that the traditional way of making tempe is by using foot.... (!!!!!!!!) What???? I almost gagged but then again wine is made the same way so........ (*gag reflex)

Having said that, I honestly think this brand of ayam penyet beat the KLCC one, hands down.

Wah craving for ayam penyet d! So addictive!

Ayam Penyet Ria
304 Orchard Road
#04-25/26 Lucky Plaza
Singapore 307506
Tel: 6235 738

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