Got Lucky!

On a boring commute to the gym after work, as usual I was on my phone, doodling over it, stalking people on Facebook etc etc. Scrolling down the updates I saw a ( is a Singapore website selling miscellaneous items ranging from mattresses to kitchen appliances to home decor) update of a little online contest called PriceIt - like one of those American The Price is Right game show... 

" The rules are simple; the first correct guess on the actual price of the featured item (in S$, of course) will be the winner of the contest. If there is no accurate guess, the closest guess in the next 5 hours will be crowned the winner!

The winner walks away with this beautiful red lounge chair! Here's some details to help you out:

Material: Fabric Upholstery & High Density Foam Cushions
Dimensions: 70cm(H) X 165cm(L) X 63cm(W)

So I thought, what the heck right? Win or not, it takes the barest minimum of effort! Initially wanted to type in $89, but after scrolling through the comments (kiasu style), the numbers are really high! I think out of 150 comments, probably 5 guesses are of values less than $100! So I just tembak lah..... 

But anyhow I am forever skeptical of contests like these. I've taken part in a number of contests, but I have never won anything.... and I have never been successful in lucky draws too! Well, there was this once where I won the 2nd runner up price..... but....  the prize was some water dispenser, you know, those huge bulky ones where you have to order custom water containers that fits the dispenser - cut the story short, I think it was actually worth some RM1500 or something but it's just of no use to me that I exchanged my gift with another colleague and took his some $300 Calvin Klein perfume set. Couldn't be bothered to try and sell those things too.

So ya loh, skeptical and all, I joined just for the heck of it... Thinking that in the end also, maybe the prize they give to someone close to the company or something lah.....

Then later that night... logged in to Facebook again and received a notification ' mentioned you in their comments'. I was like, eh? Immediately thought hey! Maybe I did win after all, but tried not to get my expectations high....

"5 hours and close to 180 guesses later, we have our winner!

Congratulations to Su Yin for the closest guess of S$125, a bare $6 difference from the Ariel's actual selling price of S$119!"

Walao! Seriously kena one!!! Lol. I sent the link to TY right away and he went "wtf? like this kind of game also got?" hahahahha. But then after that I headache, die lah, our place is as crammed as it is, we've got no more place for this monstrous thing!

SE pulak went "harrrr...... where got place? why u go and join??" hahahhaha. Cos I never thought I'd win it!!!

But the guys at were great, I told them I have space constraints and they allow me to choose other items in place of it! Just so ngam we badly needed a rice cooker......

The goods came in yesterday! Really squeezed till dry kekekkekekke.... Got a rice cooker and steamer (btw just only realized that it's stainless steel, not teflon, so rice will stick :S), a blender with ice crush functions (fruit smoothies!!!) and just cause those two items are barely $100, I have an extra $20 or so left, so got a bedsheet set with pillow and bolster case! Super utilized to the max hehe.

Just the stroke of luck I needed! This restores my belief in online contests... yeay!


  1. YEAY! can I hug the new pillow n bolster case?

    1. u wan me bring the casings back only hior.... havent open yet, somemore they gave queen size when i requested for single size. so got double pillow cases instead of just one.

  2. Replies
    1. Hahaha.... Once a while lucky only! But very exhilirated feeling!


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