Jing Hua Dumpling

Su En's always telling me about the many fab food in Chinatown and I pestered her to bring me other than the Szechuan one (don't get me wrong, I still love the food there).

 We call it the dumpling place initially, both being bananas and not knowing what the restaurant is called in Chinese but upon checking the receipt, they do have romanized name - Jing Hua lol... 

This Jing Hua aka dumpling place is about 10-15 minutes walk from the Chinatown MRT. By the way, it was a blazingly hot day and I recall heading back after the meal with a major headache due to the heat.

 I love this type of old colonial shophouses.

 Minced Pork Noodle with Soya Bean Paste

At $5, this is a simple and yet satisfying meal! The restaurant only offers a few types of dishes. Good and bad, but more good, for me at least - I am always indecisive when there is a whole range of food available, you know, inch-thick menus... so if the options are narrowed down, it does make my life a lot easier!

Garnished with julienned cucumber and bean sprouts, this bowl of noodle is best taken with a bit of chilli :D

 This order was sort of a mistake -.- I had mistakenly thought it's a bean sprouts noodle dish but it turns out to be Bean Sprouts with Minced Pork and Soya Bean Paste.... no mention of noodle there... LOL. At $8, it's totally not worth the money. Su En kept nagging me about it, said she can make the same thing at a fraction of the price kekekekeke. In my defense, the taugeh is really juicy -.-

 Xiao Long Bao! The smallest order comes in a set of 7, at $7. These are good, in my opinion. The xiao long bao skin is not overly thick nor floury - just the right thickness to hold in the soup without tearing. Really enjoyable. Succulent meaty core with sliced ginger and vinegar complementing it nicely.

Sadly, on contrary to the post title, we did not order any dumplings (smallest serving is about 10 pcs, can you believe it). But still, worth to come back and try the others. This time I shall read the menu carefully and refrain from ordering bean sprouts :(

Jing Hua has other interesting dishes I would love to try out, specifically Chinese Pizza (wonder that will be like), the dumplings of course and the dessert!

Finally a shot taken with instagram filters of this cool view... a temple set against the modern skyscrapers of the Central Business District.
Jing Hua Restaurant
21/23 Neil Road 
Tel: 62213060


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