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I missed Penang dearly. Spent close to 4 years during my days at the university and worked for a bit before moving to KL. Great memories established in this little island... 

Made a short trip to Penang to catch up with the BFF!

 @ Mews

Don't you just love Penang and all its colonial influenced architecture?

As the name suggests, the place used to house horses long time ago but has since been refurbished into a chic and cozy little hotel/restaurant. Space is limited here so only a few tables are available indoors.

Salad of avocados, onions, cherry tomatoes, celery, eggs, arugula and rocket tossed in balsamic vinaigrette.

He ordered a beer batter garoupa on a bed of mashed taters

I had a chicken pie with fries and salad side.

Nice place with a nice ambience but menu is very limited (hence the chicken pie) and I wish they'd installed more noise-absorbing materials on the walls because you hear the slight echo when you talk. But food is pretty good, nothing jaw dropping, but decent enough.

Evan made a passing comment that our shoes had a matchy-matchy colour theme so I felt obligated to take a shot of our shoes together LOL.

Drinks @ China house.

And damn, Penang has so many places that I have yet to explore! The next chillax place Evan brought me to Behind 50.

Tucked at a back alley in an unassuming manner lies a little kopitiam that serves more than just coffee. Just sitting there on the bar and I was immediately smothered in aglio olio garlicky smell. The smell's awesome, just not in my hair....

The BFF ordered a peanut butter milkshake while I ordered the 50 coffee, which is also a siphon coffee. Water's boiled and when it evaporates, goes through the grounded coffee where the steam condenses. Process takes about 3-5 minutes before the heat goes off and everything comes sloshing down to make up for a good cuppa. Because the coffee has a mild flavour, only sugar is provided as milk will overwhelm the coffee.

Quaint little place dotted with all sorts of trinkets that can keep you occupied for a bit. While we were there, a whole group of USMers are lepaking, complete with their USM shirts and landyards and all -.-

I miss the old USM Lifeguard days :( *starts browsing back to old LG blog posts*

Muntri Mews
77 Muntri Street,
10200 Georgetown, Penang.
Tel: +604 263 5125 / +604 2636125

Behind 50
Love Lane, 10200, Penang
Tel: 012-4939230

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