A Hawpan Meal

When you're out with a group of friends, the eventual and dreaded question is always, where to eat? Then you act nonchalant, saying anywhere is fine but inside your mind you're silently pre-cursing them in case they say "Korean". So yea...first we said Japanese then friend said wants meat, then Nando's came up somehow but Friend 2 just had that couple of days ago, ding dong and after ping pong back and forth, we decided to try a Hawaiian-Japanese fusion place instead - Hawpan! (self-coined, nice righttt??? :D)

Pictures taken with ze phone.

I like the d├ęcor. Pops of colours with a beach-y theme to it. I wanna go Hawaii! (random excuse)

Ekchually the place is called Aloha Ma Maison la. Ma Maison is actually French for 'my house', I have no idea why it's named that way for a Hawpan restaurant. Trying to sound more atas kot.

Friend 1's (F1) order. Some beef/steak don. I tried the beef - a tad too chewy. F1 said the sauce is too greasy that the rice is practically covered in oil.

Oh- you have an option of having regular rice or mixed grains with your order! I obviously chose the mixed grains lor. I love it when restaurants give you that option to be healthy.

My Hawpan order of teriyaki chicken with 2 eggs, sunny side up! I love, love, love the simplicity of this dish combined! A few slices of cucumber, a couple of tomato chunks, teriyaki chicken, a spoonful of corn, lettuce on the side and a sprinkling of seaweed. It's so easy to make (I'm sure you can find teriyaki sauce at any ol' supermarket) and to put together! This is gonna be one of my default meals for my future family :P

Friend 2 (F2)'s order of beef burger. I didn't try the burger but it sure looks good topped with an egg and avocado. Fries too salty to my liking.

Bill came to about $15 per pax (but we minum tap water saje). It's quite not bad la, but this place is supposed to be more famous for their pancakes (look at the overwhelming whipped cream) - just didn't seem impressive enough though. But I must give credit to this Hawpan - what they serve really does look almost 100% like the mock ones here!

Aloha Ma Maison
201 Victoria Street,
#01-12 Bugis +
Tel: +65 6884 4471

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