S.L.A.P. 2

Woah, very sexy moves today and the teacher is awesome! Doesn't fail to crack us up with her 'fail' imitation. Wanted to sign up for more classes but couldn't fit them into my future work schedule ;( They only have 8 classes, one class a week. Ah well, that's just too bad, maybe next time.
Extension to the choreograph:

Walk around chair (in 8)
Hip sway around complete circle
Walk towards man, pull tie, knee on chair.
Chest roll x2
Close partner's feet, man shoulders back.
Straddle, hip roll x4.
Lift leg, stand on side.

Pretty darn short extension, but that's because my first class was in fact lesson 1 + lesson 2 combined, hence the very long choreo :P

Final class next week :\ I'm gonna miss this part of the week :\

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