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I really only selectively blog about makan places, usually revolving shops/restaurants that I fancy. Recent trip to KL, Mei Ying arranged dinner at this place called myBurgerLab. Now, I've read of myBurgerLab, mostly through Facebook with people posting photos of the recognisable black bun and of the ridiculous crowd thronging the shop. Naturally I thought it was all just a hype.

Well, I was one of those ridiculous crowd lining up on a Friday evening while trying to get my hands on the charcoal bun burger.

They open at 5pm, we were there at 5:15pm and even then, the place was already packed! A queue has also formed.... talk about dedicated customers....

Interesting wall art

myBurgerLab menu with a choice of beef, chicken or vegetarian (where the patty is replaced with portobello mushroom). I must say, pretty interesting combination they have here with optional mix and match options of fries and drinks. See that 'Stink Bomb'? Curious about the ingredients? Beef patty, complete with sambal petai and blue cheese. I bet you're squirming now in your seat imagining that combustion of flavours haha. A friend ordered that and strangely, it's not too bad. Now, I love sambal petai but I hate blue cheese with all my life. One good thing about this stink bomb is the blue cheese is not overwhelming... Those brains behind myBurgerLab have got things sorted then.

Anyhoo, a set of burger of your choice, complete with fries and a soda sets you back by RM25 or so. It's more expensive if you opt for juice, or a la carte fries, or mineral water. Definitely not cheap, even for KL standards as the ambience is very casual and the portion, small.

Mei Ying told me about this special burger that they offer called Elvis which is not on the menu. Well, of course I would order that! ;)

Oh, and the staffs are mostly made up of college-going kiddos! Including the ones in the kitchen, grilling burgers, etc. Oh wait, even the ones dining there also relatively young me thinks. Gives a young-ish vibe to the place I suppose. But still, RM25 for a meal, especially for a student has got to be too much right? I remember back when I was a student, going for KFC or McDonalds (RM12-15?) itself was a huge treat already......

After ordering and paying at the counter, we were handed our receipts along with our queue number. Wait wasn't long (approximately 10 minutes?) before our number was up to collect our meals but more and more customers are already filling in to the relatively small shop.

Mirror tricks ;)

Perfect companions to a burger - mustard, ketchup and of course a fizzy, soft drink (they only have Pepsi but I so wanted a Coke :/ )

See, see, filled to the brim oredy.

Does the burger look good or what?! Elvis: Beef patty with caramelised onions, cranberry sauce, cheese with charcoal buns spread with peanut butter. Unconventional, but totally spot on! One gripe I have though, is that they probably did not spread the buns properly with the PB and by the time I am mid way through the burger, the buns start feeling soggy.

And don't even get me started on their fries! Fried to a crispy golden brown and sprinkled with rosemary, it's already a great combination but the dip! I can't describe what was in the dip, but I can sure as hell tell you it's goooooood. I think it's a little like mayo mixed with chilli sauce, with a lemony zest kick to it.

Just another peek at the burger...

Mei Ying's A+ chicken burger. As you can see, the bun is already starting to get soggy...

The portobello strips 'fries' were undeniably awesome! Sprinkled with rosemary as well, the breaded batter holds in the portobello juices which all just melts in your mouth. Two different types of dips are available for their portobello fries, one which is mustard, and another which has a Twisties-type of flavour to it, we call it the melted Twisties dip lol.

Second visit a few days later and I ordered this... Kick in the Face beef burger. Contains horseradish sauce, jalapeno and cheese, but it wasn't that hot though, very mild on the spicy scale, I must say. Not too bad but I think I still preferred the Elvis burger lah, with the portobello fries! Yum, yum, yum.

 One point worth noting at this restaurant.... service was impeccable. Tables quickly cleared for the next customers. A friend accidentally knocked down his burger and fries while one of the staff was wiping the table clean. The staff quickly offered to bring him another burger, complete with fries. Very good strategy indeed..... Ah, I'm craving for another Elvis right now :(


  1. The sauce looks like chipotle mayo hehe

    Not bad service for Malaysian restaurant

  2. Yes, at least they are heading in the right direction.


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