Recharge Back Home

Common reaction from others upon coming back to land after 5 weeks offshore: "You lost weight!" I think I lost a couple more kgs onboard, Not a good thing cos now the clothes are starting to look like they're wearing me instead of the other way around.

This post is mainly a collection of food I've been stuffing myself with. Be warned that you will experience painful pangs of hunger, and possible homesick. Do not continue if you have a weak will towards food like me!

 Jalan-jalan @ UTC market for breakfast...

Wantan mee breakfast washed down by a cup of kopi tarik ahhhh.... bliss....

 Fried tomyum beehoon courtesy of Mum. With mint leaves, chopped lemongrass and everything yums.

 Tua Ee is such a gem. She was supposed to leave for Bangkok couple of days after I'd arrived, but she took time to prepare chilis for hu pau (stuffed chilli fish) and also went out of the way to look for buah petai and cooked the awesomest sambal petai the way I like it best, dry with LOADS of heh bi!

For the record, I finished 80% of the petai dish. I could just eat that with plain white rice and nothing else and I'll still be happy and glowing from the petai stink afterwards.

 Awesomeness in its full glory.

 Pickles picking a fight with someone 10 times her size.

Learned making lor bak from scratch! With Tua Ee as the lor bak sifu.

 I've always thought that lor baks aren't easy to make, well, myth busted! It's so easy to prepare, it's almost laughable.

 Just marinade strips of pork with a few highly guarded secret ingredients, lay them on beancurd skin, roll them up together. VoĆ­la! Lor bak ready to be steamed/ pan-fried and served.

 Ah Ma's Mercedes Benz ride still in its usual spot.

 My immortal clover's luckier than yours ;)

 Lor bak pan-fried and served with Thai chilli sauce dip. SUPER!

 Pickles giving me the sad, disbelieving accusatory look after I left her on the balcony to air-dry her LOL.

 Drove to Baling to drop Tua Ee off at Ji Ee's place for her Bangkok trip. Tapao-ed hokkien mee as well. Another one of my all-time faves! Hokkien beehoon with siobak and bak iu woooot!

 Visited Ji Ee's new place for the first time too. Love the hills the house overlooks. I'll bet it's all misty and fresh in the morning... I can just sit on the rocking chair all evening, staring at the hills and do nothing else :)

So, with Tua Ee gone for her trip, it's all down to Mum to chut all her kang hu and cook more things for me (good practise for her :P :P )

Another of my faves- the legendary tu tor th'ng....

It's a lot like the big occasion type of meal! Tu tor th'ng complete with jiu hu char and sambal belacan, specially requested by yours truly :) Don't blame me... I will be missing out on CNY this year ma.... Only thing missing is the lettuce here :(

And another of my fave hu pau!!!! With extra sambal on the sides!!!! This has become like a suyin-come-back-must-cook dish cos recently every time I am back, Tua Ee will ask if I want this *superior smile*

 Assam laksa @ Ji Kei. Lookie Grace aiming for my laksa when her bowl is still full :P 

 My kryptonite! Bak kua kiap-ed in bread, dipped in eggs and deep fried. Yes, you can hear the crunch as you sink your teeth into this cardiac arrest catalyst baby.

 Chee cheong fun. This is often overlooked and usually not in my list of to eats, but everytime whenever Mum buys them, I'd relish them anyhow as though it is one of my favourites... Ok I am rambling but yes this is yummeh.

 Forgive the less-than-appealing state of this bowl but this dish makes no apologies, it is the mammoth of meals, the tu kha chor! Vinegared pork trotters cooked in dark sauce and loads of ginger, a typical confinement period meal.... Haven't had this for a while now.... Bliss. Thanks to Mum again. Hmm.... Am I really that spoilt? Nah, scrape that thought.

 More Mum-generated meals.... ABC soup, stir fried kailan, and steamed pork with snap peas. First time I tried the steamed pork ribs but it's so sweet and really good. Time to get my hands on the recipe. McMum she is...

 More beehoons.

 Succulent looking deep fried chicken cutlets all golden brown and ready for consumption! These are for the chicken chops.

 The only item I helped prepare was the coleslaw at 9o'clock :P It was also excellent, thank you very much :)

 Happy meal of broccoli, mixed peas, pan fried tater wedges, chicken cutlet swimming in the best tomato-and-other-ingredients-based sauce.

 She really went all out this time, even prepared coffee chai ien for dessert. It is superb.

Putu mayong... haven't had this for the longest time.

Ji Ee's pai kut ong sauce which was passed to Mum who then made the pai kut ongs... yummy, with sambal heh bi stir fried with french beans and watercress soup.

Blissful mang zhang kueys!

 My favourite nasi lemak!!! (I kinda figured using the term favourite is increasingly becoming negligible in this post).

And the last meal in SP before I left for KL...

 Thanks to Mum who got up super duper early to prepare breakfast for all of us before we leave for KL! My favourite mikupau (miku or bread dipped in eggs and pan fried) with the much needed caffeine fix.

OK, you can start looking for food now :D


  1. OMAGOD!!! I miss all the food!!! Bedebah betui, the mang chang kuih sudah lama tak makan

    I miss mom's ayam ros and tomyum beehoon and and and oso nasi lemak oso chee cheong fun oso hokkien meeee

    I want petai and tu kha chor aiyooo.... I din know Tua Ee know how to make lor bak... bedebah!

  2. Oh yea how come din take pictures inside Zee Ee's house? I also never been...

  3. Kekeke, I know the feeling of seeing photos of food you love, sometimes I see the photos and I can almost taste them in my mouth kakakaka.

    Come back soon and gorge all you want!

    Anyway, I'm sure you can cook any of those stuff. Any particular recipes you're looking for?

    Jee Ee did ask me to take shots around the house and post them to you, but connection here is so slow... maybe next time.


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