Nonyas & Woks

A little filler post before I start on the family's Hanoi adventures -

Was back in home turf for a  couple of weeks (this was in September me thinks) and after having Mum nag at me for a few days, we (well, *I*, really) drove about an hour to Baling to catch up and sembang with Ji Ee. She demanded to cook me a grand feast heheheh. ok fine it was also MCC's birthday so I suppose all in lah.

A nonya recipe essential

(Shameless gloat commencing) I got myself a spanking new 24-105mm lens.... very sweet! Loved the versatility of the lens and the photos that came out. Well, I liked them anyway, dunno about you... Next will an upgrade to my laptop as the screen on my current Dell is not calibrated. I like my pictures slightly saturated and when I edit them on my Dell, they look fine. But the horror when I view them on a calibrated screen - someone seemed to have applied a blood-red filter! Who's the prankster!!!

Watch out, amateur photographer on the loose in kitchen grounds.

And as usual, Ji Ee spares no slack in her kitchen. Prime ingredients are primed and set aside. It truly is an art form: The clanking of steel against wok, the rush of heat to face from the flames; the casual ease of selecting ten different, unique ingredients into the wok and the rising smoke that engulfs the kitchen.

Ji Ee's famous 'pai kut ong'. A product of her closely guarded recipe, I've never had anything else even close to being as good as this.

Sambal paku-pakis

Fresh and crunchy, paku pakis is something you only get in rural areas, and mostly consumed in the northern peninsular of Malaysia. The even coating of the paku-pakis in sambal - heavenly.

Her prawn tomyum is out of this world. Sweet, sour, spicy. Boom!

Nonya cooking is very unique - a combination of influences from Indian, Malay, Chinese and also Thai cooking. A burst of flavours, sweet, sour and spicy. *Groan*

And perut ikan on that upper left corner made by Tua Ee. Was super yum too!

Our little guest of honour. Seen here with her very own dedicated slave. Papa was seen carrying her up and down, left and right. Spoilt little princess!

I really need to stop doing this to myself. Why. Do. I. Even. Take. Food. Photos.

So that I can torture myself afterwards....

View from Ji Ee's place. Nice, eh?

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